New life

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"come on bud you and me are taking a little vacation forever", Hiccup sighed as he fixed his vest for flying. Toothless soon came out of the brush and proceeded to lick Hiccup's face. they heard a twig snap and turned their heads to where the sound came from. "come on bud lets go", Hiccup hurried

They were off Hiccup turned around to get one last look at Berk and shouted. "FAREWELL BERK AND ALL YOUR VIKING RETARDS" Toothless let out a draconic chortle at this and proceeded to fly faster away from the island to start a new life where they both could be happy.


I saw Hiccup heading down near raven's point did he really think he shot a night fury. I followed quietly I accidentally snapped a twig beneath my feet. I heard wing beats and soon rushed to see where Hiccup was. He was nowhere but there were footprints human and dragon. I stepped on something I lifted my foot to see a dragon scale dark as night. He did hit a night fury he took it down now it took him I concluded. I grabbed as many of the scales as I could find to bring back to the village, I would have Gobber sear one into the handle of my axe, all those who were close to Hiccup or wished to avenge him would have one for their weapon. I tried counting the people who cared about Hiccup there weren't many, I also assumed Stoick the chief would want the most scales for his hammer. I felt sorry, I mocked Hiccup and didn't believe him and bullied him I would avenge him to try and bring him peace for the wrongs I did, I slowly started to cry, what was wrong with me I didn't cry, I would make sure all Vikings know of Hiccup's too early trip to Valhalla at least he'll be able to see his mother again, in his new life.

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