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Hatchlings= babies

Nestlings= eggs


Hiccup woke still clinging to Toothless' scaly chest, he felt content, he had a love and a mate to spend the rest of his almost immortal life with. His skin was itchy and he scratched he then looked down at his arm and screamed, Toothless awoke from Hiccup's scream.

"what is wrong my half?"

"Toothless my arm!"

"its okay  my love your body is just slightly changing"

"but why exactly?"

"if one day we wish to have hatchlings my love, your body is adapting for that kind of future ahead of time"

"Oh, alright that's okay then, I was just a little scared at what was happening"

"I will make sure nothing else scares you my love"

"thanks, I love you my mate"


after telling the village of Hiccup's death not many were disappointed. the people who mourned were chief Stoik, Gobber the Belch, Fishlegs, and surprisingly Snotlout. I walked home with three scales left after handing five to Stoik and one to everyone but Snotlout. that's when he came up to me.

"Astrid please give me a scale"

"Why you bullied him worse than anyone else"

"But I never wanted him dead he's my family or was my family"

As Snotlout spoke he got less boisterous and got quieter and his eyes looked like they were about to overflow with tears. Astrid thought to herself.

^I can't believe this is happening^.

"alright Snotlout one scale, but you must vow that if you ever see that dragon to avenge Hiccup"

Snotlout suddenly looked very angry and determined.

"If I ever see that dragon I'll rip its limbs off with my bare hands then ask uncle Stoik to have Hiccup's mourners to feast on its body in his honor"

Astrid was surprised to see Snotlout act so selfless it was like he never had that trait until now.

^maybe people can change for the better they just need a little push^


^I can't believe this is happening^

Hiccup smiled as he thought of a life with his mate and future nestlings. Then hiccup slightly frowned.

^what if we find others like him will he leave me^

Toothless sensed his mate's distress and curled around him licking his face.

"I will never leave you my love no matter what I will always be by your side even in death"

As Toothless said this Hiccup began to cry overwhelmed with emotion and love. He kissed Toothless and got on his back as they flew off again to find a good home for their soon to be dragon/human flock.

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