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One Dark Night,
I Was Walking Alone
On An Empty Street...
Cold Wind Kissing On My Skin,
And The Dried Leaves
Collecting At My Feet!

My Hair Started To Raised Up,
As I Heard The Howling Sounds
Of Wolves And The Scary
Roaring Of Hungry Lions
Chasing Their Preys...

Silent Tears
Ran Down My Cheeks,
As Fears And Anxieties
Crept Down My Knees!

My Heart Started Beating Fast,
I Wanted To Run Away
But My Knees Were Shaking
Unable To Flee...

No More Power To Move
No More Strength Left,
As The Lions' Deadly Teeth
Brutally Breaking My Neck!

Written by:

Hello Readers,

Thank you for reading this piece.This poem is all about my life journey. Its the time when I have to cross the bridge of unbearable challenges with all by myself. I'm not that strong. I would always end up from falling down...

I am always praying to God to give me strength in order for me to overcome all the challenges im going to encounter as I walk through the wilderness of this life!


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