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He Made The Sun Shines Through, So That Everybody Can Have Light,

He Made The Air Blow Gently, So That Everybody Can Breath,

He Made The Water Flows Through The Streams, To Satisfy Our Thirst,

He Made The Trees Grow, So That Every Bird Can Build Their Nests,

He Made The Ocean Blue, So That Every Sea Creatures Can Swim,

He Made The Lands Fertile, So That Every Plant Will Raise,

He Made The Rain Falls, So That Everybody Can Be Refreshed,

He Made This WORLD For You And Me, For Us To Have A BETTER PLACE To Live In!

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Did you know when and how I composed this poem? Yeah, that was after Christmas, December 27, 2015.. I composed this at night before going to bed.. I was imagining I'm on the top of a mountain, looking down, staring at the beauty of nature.. And there were many things came to my mind...

I admit that we are all nobody in the eyes of God, and if He wished to take back our life, well there's nothing we can do about it... Everything in this world, whatever you see with your naked eye belong to Him. And it's a great privilege to live in a beautiful world like this and to enjoy the life he lend to us... But we people sometimes, we missed to appreciate the beauty of life! We don't even appreciate how great blessings it is to wake up in the morning and see the sun beam, feel the gentle breeze, watch beautiful flowers in the garden, listen to singing birds on the trees.. Yes thats the wonder of Life. Even though we keep on sinning, still God's blessing is for everybody, wether we're good or bad!

Well, everyone hope you appreciate the thought of my poem. 'Til then, thanks for reading... God Bless!


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