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I'm sorry, Dad
If sometimes I am
The cause of your
headache for being
A stubborn child!

Sometimes I don't like
To hear the words you say
Because I love more
My opinions
Rather than yours...

I forgot to say
"Thank You"
When you choose
To stay up late at night
And drive your car
On dark highways
Just to fetch me!

I couldn't see
How much
You care for me
No matter how much
Kindness you give...

I'm sorry, Dad
For all the pains,
I maybe a stubborn child
You knew,
But deep inside my heart
I love you...

I may never show it
But what i say is true--
There could be
A lot of good fathers,
But the best Father
Is you!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
I love you!

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If you want to use this poem for your  Dad for birthdays or Father's Days, yes you can but ask my permission first.  Private message me and lets talk about that.

No one  is allowed to copy paste or use this poem without my permission, stealing ideas is not good idea, PLAGIARISM is a crime!

-marwa angela enrique

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