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In The Stillness Of The Night,
In The Sadness Of Life;
I'm Filled With Emptiness,
Occupied By My Worries...

In The Stillness Of The Night,
In The Roaring Sound Of The Sea;
I'm Groaning Out In Pain,
Fighting, Struggling My Agony!

In The Stillness Of The Night,
In The Presence Of My Enimies;
I pleaded For Human Refuge,
But Nobody heard me!

In The Stillness Of The Night,
Craving Alone In The Dark;
Reaching Out For A Helping Hand,
Yet The World Seem So Deaf And Numb!

In The Stillness Of The Night,
I Close My Eyes In Tears;
Asking God's Divine Mercy...
Surrendering All My Fears!

In The Stillness Of The Night,
In The Snare Of My Enimies;
In The Shadow Of My Death,
I Felt God's Embrace!!


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In The Shadows Of Death is a poem I composed during my hard days, the time when I'm feeling so low. This is one of my poem that describes my personality. Perhaps the title of the poem might scare you, but if you will read it and try to understand it, you will feel the hug of the Lord and His Presence in your life specially during difficult times... The word Death here doesn't mean physical death... I refer Death here as heartaches, failures, hindrances, pains, loneliness, sufferings, problems trials and difficulties... It also means Rejection!

There are times in our life when we are sorrounded by our worries, we're trying to grasp a helping hand but it seems like everyone is turning their backs on us, thus, we are left alone in the dark..

When that time comes, just pray, my friend, keep your faith in God! Because when our strength is no longer enough and we felt tired carrying heavy loads, God is always there with an outstretched arms! Just don't give up because whenever our strength ends, the grace of God begins!

I hope you liked my poem, lovely readers, thank you for reading...What can you say about my poem? Your vote and comments are highly appreciated!

Thank you and God bless!

marwa angela enrique

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