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To my first reader, anushka13s ,who voted all my written poems.... I'm heartily dedicating this poem of Friendship to you... Hope you like it.. Cheers..!!!

As The Sun Approaches The Dawn Of A New Day,
And The Moonlight Disappears And Bid Goodbye;
I Close My Eyes And Lift My Arms To Pray,
That God Will Guide And Bless My Friend All Day!

When Night Covered The Face Of The Sitting Sun,
And The Stars Gaze With Love Up Above;
I Will Ask An Angel To Guard You At Stake,
So You'll Be Safe And Secure While You Sleep!

Someday, I know You Will Forget Me,
Just Like A Leaf Dries Up And Fades Away;
Yet, Your Memories Will Remain As Time Goes By...
'Cause You're Everything In My Life I Can't Deny!

That's How Important You Are To Me,
Maybe Distance Will Keep Us Apart;
But It Will Never Hinders Me Of Telling You.....
You're A FRIEND I Treasure For The Rest Of My Life!

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