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Hi Klicel, this poem goes to you, im sure you can relate from this, hope you liked it... I created this poem some years ago during my hard times! Here it goes...

Thinking Of All The Hardships In My Life,
The Heartaches And Broken Dreams I've Got;
How It Pierce My Heart Like A Sting Ray's Tail,
Painful Like Nailing Myself On A Pale!

My Life Seems A Never-Ending Misery,
Like Sailing A Boat Under A Cruel Storm;
Desperately Tired Don't Know Where To Go,
In This Ocean-like Trials I've Been Goin' Through!

As I look At This Never-ending Challenges,
With All The Heavy Burdens I Bear;
How Can I See The Sun Rising In The East,
When My Eyes Seems All Covered With Tears!

This Is The World Where I Am In,
A World Full Of Deaf And Numb Being;
Where Everyone Seems Doesn't Care,
How Ponderous The Pains I Bear!

This Is The World Where I Stay,
Full Of Hardships, Full Of Agony;
With Tears, I'm Here Down On My Knee,
Oh, God Do You Still Cares For me?

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This is one of the most emotional poem I've ever composed. I created this during the saddest and lowest time of my life. That was the time when i was so desperate and hopeless about the unbearable challenges and difficulties that came to me.That was the time I felt no one was there for me, I felt everyone was rejecting me, I felt there's no place I can go.Then silent tears flowed upon my heart and washed away my negative feelings. I looked up, and i realized i was not alone, that I'm never alone. I saw God looking at me with His Outreached arms. Slowly, i opened my mind, i got up and started to begin a new life, then I realized I was starting to recover from all my pains and disappointments, I begun to strive harder until I reached my success!

Hope you guys got inspired about my life struggles: from failures to success, from tumbling down to getting up! Well, these are just my hidden emotions I expressed in a form of a poem!

'Til then, thank you for reading everyone!


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