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This is one of the best poem i have ever composed... Every words i wrote here are very understandable so im sure everyone can relate from it... I heartily dedicate this poem to you, LeilaMaeli , hope you like it... Here it goes..


Spending A Quiet Moment Along The Shore,
Staring At The Dancing Waves Of The Sea;
Reminiscing How A day Came To Last,
Bringing Back The Memories Of The Past!

Time Is Like Wind That Passes By,
Like A Cloud That Disappears In Space;
How We've Wished To Bring It Back,
But It's Really Hard To Grasp...

Sometimes, We've Running Out Of Time,
Indulging Ourselves With Worldly Pleasures;
Yet Losing Some Opportunities Life Can Bring,
Too Late When We Realize We've Missed Something!

Every Single Day, Every Beat Of The Dawn,
Every Moment Of Our Life...
A Time So Precious Than Gold!
A Treasure So Tricky To Hold!

So, While We're Still On Our Feet,
Let's Not Waste Time A Little Bit;
Let's Do The Things The Best We can,
Before It's Too Late, Before The Day Is GONE!

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When I was composing this poem, I was imagining myself that I was walking along the seashore! In my imagination, I could feel the softness of the breeze blowing on my skin while I was staring at the beautiful sunset!

Then a thought instantly came to my mind...

I was wondering how did one busy day came to pass? Is there anything I have left undone? Or, am I so indulgent that I have missed some important things to do?

Sometimes in our busy life, there are some opportunities we over looked and the hands of time has no power to bring it back. So as much as possible, lets do the things we can do today rather than leaving it undone.Time is so precious and life is so short. So, if you have some works to be done, do it now while you have still time, because tomorrow might be too late!

Am I right, folks?


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