'Till God Takes My Breath Away

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To my dear friend and reader, vaishli , who never missed to read all my updated stories in "TEARDROPS" and "INSPIRATIONAL STORIES". This poem is dedicated to you... I composed this a decade ago... heheh... Here it goes..

Friends May Come, And Friends May Go,
Like A Wind That Passes Through;
They Make You Laugh, They Make You Blue..
Some Loves You, Others May hurt you!
Some Are Unfaithful, Others Are True;
Some Will Stay, Others Will Go!

Sometimes The Golden Sun Shines Through,
Sometimes It Hides Behind The Clouds;
Sometimes Powerful Storm Will Roar,
But Next Day It Reigns No More!
Sometimes Rain Won't Came To Pour,
And So Drought Will Dried The Shore!

Yes, That's Life We Are In,
Full Of Twists, Full Of Pains!
But Whatever Happens,
And If Everything Would Change,
Evenif Mountains Tumble Down
And Roll Themselves To The Sea...

Evenif Your Friends Will Walk Away,
Even How Hard Your Life Seems To Be;
Evenif Troubles Came Your Way,
I Promise, Beside You I Will Stay;

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In this world, everything changes! Nothing is permanent! But only one thing won't changed for sure! Its the word "CHANGE" itself!

To my awesome readers, thank you guys, for motivating me to write more inspirational stories and poems! Because of you, my life changed for the better... Before, I am always afraid to show my works to people  because I am afraid of bad criticism, but later on, I came to realize that it's okey not to be perfect as long as you do your work from the heart!

Thank you to my friend in Wattpad, who is also a writer, LeilaMaeli, you're quote always reminds me to be positive in all my endeavors!

She quote:

"Happiness happens when you stop comparing yourself to others and realize that its okey not to be perfect!"

This lines, really changed me...


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