Forgetting the Burning Cow

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Sky, Hanna, and myself, were at Anna house, for a sleepover birthday party thing. I had gotten her a Labyrinth t-shirt and the DVD, to go with it. Sky got her a six pack of Mountain Dew. To get off topic, giving Anna caffeine, is ALWAYS a bad, bad, bad idea. Anyway, Hanna got her or made her a bracelet. I don't remember if she made it or not... We ended staying up past 5AM. Well, I know Anna and I did. Hanna was the first to fall asleep, no surprise, then Sky pasted out. Probably from the boring ass movie Hanna made us watch. It was the Illusionist.

Early that night, out of nowhere, Hanna said this. "Anna, your cow is burning in the front yard."

All three of us turned to look at her, "What!?" 

Hanna looked at Anna. "Your cow is burning." The three of us were very confused. But Hanna is Hanna. Just like Anna is just Anna. There is absolutely no way to explain them. Either of them.



"Your cow is still on fire." Sky said to Anna this morning. It was Anna and I's first day of Sophomore year. I wasn't scared or anything, I was very happy actually. I wasn't a Freshmen anymore!!! I hated being a Freshmen. Now, I hate Freshmen. They are so immature! This year the Freshmen are horrible. 

"Really!?" Anna said irritated. I laughed at her irritation.

It was obvious that Anna forgot about her burning cow. The other day I asked Sky how this cow came to be. She said that, Hanna said Anna's cow was on fire and everything just went down hill from there. I'll have to agree. I ended up with a crazy Dumbledore for a split personality and Sky's 'voices' started to show. 

 Sky and I blame everything on Anna.


(We are crazy but not institution crazy. The split personality and voices, are inside jokes? I guess you could call them..)

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