The Attack, Fall, and Catch

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So, Sky, Anna, and Hanna were coming over, for a sleep over. I feel really bad for my mom, who has to deal with us. Oh well! 

"Hey how 'bout we take the guinea pig outside?" Sky suggested. I have a two guinea pigs. I told her to pick one and she picked this fuzzy looking one that was tan and all white.

We went outside and put Pumpkin, the guinea pig, on the ground.  We watched her for a good five minutes, did she do anything? No. Hanna was texting, like always. So I picked up Pumpkin and stuck her in Hanna's face. Hanna looked up and screamed, than took of running. What the hell? She ran around the house a few times with her hands in the air. Seriously, what the hell?

"What's wrong with Hanna?" Anna asked.

I shook my head and said, "No idea...Do you know?" I turned to Sky. 

"Hmmm...Let me see Pumpkin." She said. I handed Pumpkin over to her. She held her behind her back.

"Hey, Hanna, calm down!" Sky said. Hanna listened and walked over to us, out of breath.

Sky took Pumpkin out from behind her back and she screamed, again. This time, she didn't take off running, but Sky sure did! She started chasing Hanna with Pumpkin. Anna and I were clutching our sides, with laughter. It was so hilarious!


August 17th: Band Camp:

We were going over our Color Guard routine, in the gym, of the high school I go too. I think we were working on the dance part of our routine. All of a sudden, I see Hanna drop her flag, bend over to pick it up, but trip over the silk part of the flag. She feel flat on her ass! The WHOLE team stood and laughed at her! I know, some friends right? A real friend laughs at the other friend if some like that happens. 


Our Coach, Peter told us to split up. The people with flags to one end of the gym and the people with streamers to the other end of the gym.

Everything was going pretty well, until Lila, a Freshmen on our Team, somehow threw the streamer up and got caught in the net above the gym. The net just hangs on the ceiling of our gym. Who came up with that? I have NO idea. I think it's stupid though. Anyway, we had to get a janitor and he used this lift to get it. Yes, Lila did say thank you. ...A lot.


Conclusion: Hanna has horrible balance and is scared of a guinea pig. *insert laugh here* Another note, don't let Lila near a net when she has a streamer.

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