'I'm a dementor! I'm a dementor!'

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I always ask myself why in the world I'm friends with Anna. She is so weird and she never shuts up, like I've said. I know she's crazy, but not "she needs to be put in an instiution" crazy. OK. Maybe she is. Anyway, what she did at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere, was the craziest thing I've ever seen her do. 

****Harry Potter Midnight Showing::

"I'm bored. Entertain me." I said to Anna. We had to wait in lone to go into the theatre. Ana had met up with her friend Julie and her friends. I met up with my dear and wonderful friend Luna Hashy.  After our friends went back to their friends, I had gotten very bored.

She looked at her friend's, friend and said, "Let me borrow your robe, thing." They gave it to her.

Anna proceed to put it over her heqad, covering her face, and running around in a circle, saying "I'm a dementor! I'm a dementor!" I was laughing so hard, I'd thought I'd meet the nasty floor of the movie theatre. 

A good twenty minutes later, we were able to go into the cinaema. 

We had a good half hour before the movie would start. Anna turned to ythe person who had let her borrow the robe. "Can I borrow your robe again?" she asked. Again they gave it to her.

Anna put the robe over her head again. She went to the opening of the cinaema, or room we were in, and ran up the ramp and up the stairs, yelling, you guessed it: "I'm a dementor! I'm a dementor!" 

When she was done that, again. We where sitting there and talking, obviously.

"When we're walking out, we should do something to stand out." I said

"Oh! How about you run saying ' They're after me lucky charms!' and I chase you?" Anna said. 

"Why can't I chase you?" I said.

"Because your the ginger." She said. Nice. Real nice. She's Irish too! She just wants me to because I'm the ginger. Again, nice, real nice.


And now you know how weird Anna can be. Well, part of her weirdness. That isn't even the half of it...

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