Some Flying Cards and Paper Money

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Sky is weird, but not crazy like Anna. I wouldn't want to make Sky mad either, it's not pretty. Anna always says "She's going to bit my head off." I talked to Sky about that and said she should be more lovable, well she is doing so. Anyway, if you say 'bite me', to Sky, she will indeed bite you. So I suggest not doing that....If you smack her on the arm, she'll hit you harder. She is a great friend though! Just don't fuck with her and you're OK.


"Wanna play Blink?" I asked Sky.

"What's Blink?"she said.

"A card game. You have two piles, one is mine, the other is yours, and we each get have of the deck of cards. Then-" She put a hand up to shut me up.

"I got it, I think I've played this before." she said.

So about ten minutes into the game, we decided it would be fun to throw the playing cards at each other. It was AWESOME and super fun! Then we weren't just throwing the playing cards at each other, we started through the fake paper money from the Monopoly game. It was so much fun!

I know I've said it was awesome and fun, already, but it indeed was. I had a huge mess in my room afterwards though. I did clean it up. If I hadn't, I would have been sleeping on paper money and playing cards. 


(Sorry this is so short!)

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