Our Crazy Friendship

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Well hello, you wonderful people! I'm Gloria Lynn Mosh, this is about my three friends and I's crazy relationship. My friends are Sky Collins,  Annoying Anna Kristy, and Hanna Scribes, but sometimes we call her Scribbles. I'll get to the 'annoying' part about Anna later.

I met Sky first; we met at dance class, when we were young. We really don't remember how old we were when we met, but it was about more than five years ago. Sky is tall, skinny, has long brown hair and has glasses. Actually, we all have glasses, but I wear my contacts every once in a while.

Then I met Hanna on the bus, a few weeks after i first started fifth grade. She also has glasses. Hanna is about as tall as I am, I think. She has short brown hair that goes to about her shoulders and she has a lot of boyfriends.

Anna, I met in sixth grade. I might have met her in fifth grade, but didn't really notice each other until sixth. At first we hated each other, I mean we really hated each other. Now, we like best friends. She short and dyes her hair brown, which goes past her shoulders, a little bit, not much. She has glasses too.

Then there's me. I'm about three inches taller than Anna. I have red hair. You guessed it, I'm a ginger. No, my hero isn't Rupert Grint. It's actually Billie Joe Armstrong. 

Anyway, we all have glasses, I already said that, but too bad, deal with it. We call Anna, Annoying Anna because she never shuts up. Never stops talking, even in her sleep. We always have to tell her to shut up, but it never works. It works for about two minutes, then she's talking away again. Seriously, you could put her in a room by herself and she'd have a full on conversation with the floor, never mind herself. I always say we should put a straight jacket on her and lock her in a padded room. Hanna, like I said, has had a lot of boyfriends. She is your tip-ickle teenage girl, sometimes. Sometimes, she's just as annoying as Anna and just as crazy. Anna, Sky, and I have never had a boyfriend, but I don't need one right now, I know Anna doesn't care for one at the moment either. I'm not sure about Sky. I never really asked her about it. 

Anna is the youngest out of all of us. Her birthday is February 27th or was it the 26th? Sky's is October 26th. That one I'm very sure on. Hanna's is sometime in January, but Sky, Anna, and I aren't sure of the day. I know, some friends we are, right? Sky is the oldest, then it's Hanna, me, and Anna. 

I was friends with Sky first like I said, I found out she was friends with Hanna, then I found out they were friends with Anna, and now, here we are. We have one crazy friendship....

( I hope you liked the intro. Some of the things that will be said in this, will be real, some won't.)

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