Our Crazy Friendship

Our Crazy Friendship

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Courtney Lynn By TheLostWeasley Updated Sep 05, 2011


Well hello, you wonderful people! I'm Gloria Lynn Mosh, this is about my three friends and I's crazy relationship. My friends are Sky Collins,  Annoying Anna Kristy, and Hanna Scribes, but sometimes we call her Scribbles. I'll get to the 'annoying' part about Anna later.

I met Sky first; we met at dance class, when we were young. We really don't remember how old we were when we met, but it was about more than five years ago. Sky is tall, skinny, has long brown hair and has glasses. Actually, we all have glasses, but I wear my contacts every once in a while.

Then I met Hanna on the bus, a few weeks after i first started fifth grade. She also has glasses. Hanna is about as tall as I am, I think. She has short brown hair that goes to about her shoulders and she has a lot of boyfriends.

Anna, I met in sixth grade. I might have met her in fifth grade, but didn't really notice each other until sixth. At first we hated each other, I mean we really hated each other. Now, we like be...