Chapter One

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THIS BOOK IS with me.

THIS BOOK IS FICTIONAL......every single detail had been made up. not copy this book in anyway, shape or form.......its mine.

Two years later......

Sabrina sat at a small children's table. Across from her was a little boy name Emmet. He was special needs, diagnosed with Down syndrome. Next to him was a little girl name Annie, she was diagnosed with autism. "It's coloring time okay." She lets them know handing them a sheet of paper with a colorless duck.

She watched the way they spoke to each other and worked together. It was the cutest thing. She loved working at Hawkins special needs school for children. She was only an assistant because she wasn't qualified but still, being able to work with them, gave her joy.

"I'll be right back ok guys." She says excusing her self from their table. She needed a moment to herself. Some days were good and some days were horrible. Today was one of the bad ones. She squeezes between a the other tables and makes her ways into the bathroom. 

"You're not going to cry." She orders her self looking into the mirror.

Waking up this morning she does her usually. Starts boiling water for her tea, brushes her teeth, and turns on the morning news. It had been a whole month since she switched to the business channel. One whole month. She was so strong until she gave in today, and out of all days today was the day they showed a picture of Nathan and the date he took to a charity event. Calling it a huge success, raising over half a million dollars.

She should have been well practiced for seeing him with other women but it hurt just as much as it always does.

As she continues to glare at her self,  she beats herself up, as she always did. She was back at home with her mother, because she couldn't just control her emotions. She always looks back wishing she could turn back the hands of time. Wishing she could slap some sense into herself.


Sabrina sat a her kitchen counter looking at that morning newspaper.
The headline read. "Nathan Alden's wife expecting!"

They were in the paper every week because of the on going trial against Desmond. It was front page news. "Desmond Alden on trail for attempted murder against daughter-in-law."

She had just began her sixth month of pregnancy and was showing now to the point where they could no longer hide it. So now she was looking at the best picture they could have gotten of her baby bump.

Everyone in the world knew now. They were especially trying to hide it from Nathan's parents. Desmond was out on bail, and Nathan didn't put anything past him.

"Ready sweetheart?" Nathan ask from behind her. She turns around to look at her astonishing husband. He was wearing his usually suit and tie. A navy blue one today. She wore a simple black maternity dress and black heels. They were heading out for court this morning. Today was the day both Sabrina and Nathan were going to take the stand.

"Yes." She replies waddling out of her chair.

"Don't read the paper. It will give you a headache." He kisses her cheek and takes her hand to lead her out of the door.

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