Chapter 5: Just Dance

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Abby and McGee were picking out a duet song.

"How about this one?" Abby said, picking one that looked like horseback riders.

McGee agreed, and they started the song. It was a very entertaining duet. McGee had to jump over Abby as she crouched down, and Abby had to jump on McGee's back while he spinned around. Ziva couldn't remember a time when she laughed harder.

The duet ended, and both McGee and Abby were out of breath.

"Ok Ziva, your turn." Abby said, handing the remote to Ziva. "What genre do you want to dance?"

Before she could answer, Tony spoke up.

"Anything Latin".

"Latin it is." Abby said, and picked a song.

It was 'Rabiosa' by Shakira.

It was a fun and sexy dance. Ziva moved an shook her hips every which way, and moved with great gusto.

Tony couldn't take his eyes off her. Ziva was mesmerizing to watch. The song ended, and everyone clapped.

"Ziva!! That was amazing!! I didn't think you could even dance like that!!" Abby squealed.

Ziva laughed. "Thanks Abby".

"Tony, you need to do a duet with Ziva". McGee suggested.

"Oh my gosh yes!!" Abby squealed again. "And it HAS to be 'Grease'!!"

"I'm ok with that". Tony said, as he took the remote from McGee.

As Ziva and Tony were dancing, Abby and McGee looked at each other. "They are perfect for each other. Why can't they see that?" Abby thought.

Ziva shimmied into Tony, and Tony grabbed her hips and leaned into her as she leant back. When the song was about to end, Ziva jumped on Tony, and wrapped her legs around his waist. He spun around and around until the song ended.

Ziva jumped off Tony, and both Abby and McGee clapped.

Guys, that was like seriously perfect!" Abby exclaimed.

Tony and Ziva both laughed.


It was one in the morning, but Abby, Ziva, Tony, and McGee were still playing Just Dance. Abby took the remote from Tony after he danced to the song 'Uptown Funk', and selected a song.

"Hey Mama'?" Abby asked.

"Good one". McGee said.

The song started, and Abby started dancing. It was a very interesting, yet upbeat song. Abby had to jump a lot and do a lot of weird movements. By the time the song ended, she was very out of breath.

She collapsed on the floor. "That's it. I'm done". She said huffing.

"McGee, Tony, you need to do a duet". Ziva said, while scrolling through the song choices.

Ziva selected a song called 'Animals', and gave both remotes to them.

While they were dancing, Abby and Ziva were both laughing. It was very funny to se the two of them try dance when they weren't clearly dancers.

"Wait what?!" McGee would sometimes shout. "I don't get it".

Tony would be so concentrated, that he would have a stern look on his face while making funny and awkward movements with his arms and legs.

Abby was literally rolling on the floor laughing.

"Haha Abbs. Very funny". McGee said when the dance ended. "I just want to see you try a duet with Ziva".

"Challenge accepted". Ziva said.

She stood up from the couch, and took the remote out of McGee's hands.

Tony gave Abby his remote, and they picked out a song. Ziva and Abby danced perfectly. They were perfectly in sync, and they didn't miss a beat. When the song ended, McGee and Tony were both speechless.

"I-uh-nevermind". McGee said.

Tony's mouth was open.

"Close your mouth Tony". Ziva said smirking at him. "You'll catch flies".

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