Chapter 3: Cards Against Humanity

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Abby was the judge.

"I pick 'Flavored condoms'".

Everyone looked at Tony.

"Actually, that was my card". Ziva said, smiling.

Tony turned to look at her. "Really Ziva? What flavor?"

"All". Ziva smirked at him. "But I especially love the strawberry flavor".

Tony smirked back at her.

Ziva drew a card, and read it. She waited for everyone to put down a card, and she picked her favorite.

"Who chose 'Brain Tumors' and 'Children?'" She asked.

"Me!" McGee said and drew a card.

"Let me tell you about my new startup. It's basically __ except for __." McGee read.

After everyone gave McGee their cards, he chose the winner.

"Who chose 'Exciting content' and 'All his liquid in my mouth'?"

"Yay! Me". Abby said and drew another card.

"And the Academy Award goes to__ for__." She read.

After she received everyone's cards, she picked her favorite.

"I pick 'Rush Limbaugh's soft, shitty body' and 'The American Dream'".

"That's mine". Tony said proudly.

He drew a card.

"What are my parent's hiding from me?" He read.

He picked his favorite after everyone gave him their cards.

"I pick 'Harry Potter erotica'".

"Mine again". Ziva said.

A few more minutes later, Abby suggested a game of Twister. 

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