Chapter 8: Impractical Jokers

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Tony woke up to the smell of pancakes cooking in the kitchen. He groggily raised his head, and observed the scene around him.

McGee was still sleeping, drooling a little on his pillow. Abby wasn't on the couch, and neither was Ziva right beside him on the mattress.

Tony turned his head to the kitchen, and could make out two pairs of legs; one tan and muscular, but feminine pair, and one pale and slender pair.

Abby and Ziva were busing chatting away and cooking pancakes on the stove. Ziva added blueberries and strawberries to her pancake batter, while Abby poured vanilla extract on hers to make it more sweet.

"So Ziva, how was that back massage from Tony last night?" Abby asked with a devious smile .

Ziva's face blushed slightly. "It was very nice, Abby. Tony gives excellent back massages".

Abby chuckled.

"So, uh, would you like to watch something on TV while we eat?" Ziva asked quickly; hastily changing the subject.

At the word 'TV', Tony jumped up on his mattress, causing McGee to wake up with a start.

"Impractical Jokers!" Tony exclaimed.

"Impractical Jokers?" Abby repeated.

"Yeah. You know, the TV show where four friends from New York try to embarrass each other?" Tony explained. "It's hilarious".

Abby's face broke into a wide grin, while Ziva's remained confused.

"Don't tell me you haven't watched it, Ziva". Tony asked in disbelief.

"We're watching it right now!" Abby declared. She linked arms with Ziva, and carried the plates of pancakes in the other hand. She dragged Ziva to the couch, and turned on the TV.

As Abby was picking out an episode, Tony sat down on the couch next to Ziva. Abby and McGee were sitting together on the other couch.

Abby selected her episode, and sat back down next to McGee; eagerly wanting the episode to start.


"So that's Joe, and the skinny one is Murr". Tony explained to Ziva. "And those two are Sal and Q".

Tony was pointing out the four men in the TV show, before the prank started to help Ziva better understand.

"In this prank, Joe has to put mashed potatoes in people's plates at a restaurant, before being told to stop". Tony finished, smirking. "It's hilarious, watch".

Inside the restaurants, Joe approached the first table, and started to a sing a song. The only word was 'Scoopskipotatoes', but it was hilarious all the same.

Out of the corner, of Tony's eye, he saw Ziva cracking up with laughter. Her shoulders shook with uncontrollable laughter. When Joe went to the second table; still singing his 'Scoopskipotatoes' song, Ziva was unable to silent her laugher. She laughed hysterically, and Tony even saw a tear rolling down her cheek.

When Joe ran back to the last table; screaming 'Scoopskipotatoes', Ziva died. Every one turned to look at her in alarm, when Ziva made a noise that didn't sound human.

With a thump, Ziva fell to the floor, rolling around in hysterical laughter. Uncontrollable tears of laughter were rolling down her cheeks, and she was clutching the sides of her stomach.

Abby, McGee, and Tony all laughed at the sight in front of them; Ziva unable to breathe from laughing so hard.

"I think she finds it funny". McGee said, stating the obvious to Abby and Tony.

"Ya think, Probie?" Tony asked, whipping a tear of laughter that was running down his cheek, from watching Ziva roll around on the floor in hysterical laughter.

After a solid three minutes of continuous laughter, Ziva managed to crawl back onto then couch. Struggling to breathe, she managed to choke out "Play another one".

"I don't think that's such a good idea, Sweetcheeks". Tony said, cocking his head at her and giving her his award-winning grin. "You see, you practically died from the first one. You made a noise like a dying sheep".

"Or a dying lama". McGee added.

"Or a cow giving birth". Abby suggested. "Or an injured dog".

"Yeah". Tony agreed. "I've never heard that sound ever before in my life! I'm not sure if it was even human!" Tony exclaimed. He tried to imitate Ziva's squeal of laughter.

"No, it was a little more high-pitched than that". Abby said.

Tony tried again.

"No, you're still not getting it right". Abby said, shaking her head.

"What about we play another one, so we can hear it again". McGee suggested. "I'll even record it so we can have it forever".

"Good idea!" Abby exclaimed. "Help me pick a really funny one!"

They all decided to watch 'Blimpies' with Joe and Murr .

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