Chapter 1: The Arrival

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The doorbell rang, and Abby jumped up from her couch and went to open the door. It was McGee.

"MCGEE!!! I'M SO GLAD YOU COULD MAKE IT!!!" Abby practically screamed. She pulled him into a bear hug.

"Haha thanks Abby. I wouldn't miss it for the world". He said after she stopped hugging him.

"Aww. You're so sweet". She smiled. "Help me pick out a movie for tonight".

While McGee was picking a movie, Abby took a few beers out of the freezer, and sat them on the coffee table in the living room.

"How about SPY? With Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham". McGee asked.

"Perfect". She said.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and both McGee and Abby went to go see who it was. Tony walked in and greeted his coworkers.

"Hey Tony, McGee. You two get dressed in your pajamas while I get the popcorn going. I'm going to start the movie soon".

"Okay". Tony said. "But what about, um, Ziva? She's coming right"?

McGee and Abby looked at each other and smiled. They both knew that Tony had a huge crush on Ziva.

"Don't worry Tony". Abby smiled. "Ziva's going to be here any minute now. But she's coming dressed in her pajamas, so get changed!"

"Dibs on the bathroom". McGee shouted, and ran upstairs.

"Hey! No fair!" Tony yelled; running after McGee.

Abby turned around and went back into the living room. She made popcorn, and went to go start the movie. While the popcorn was popping, Tony came down in his boxers, and an Ohio State hoodie.

"Hey Abby".

"Hey Tony. Is McGee ready?"

"Not yet. He's taking his McTime".

Just then, the door rang. It was Ziva.

I'll get it!" Tony said hurriedly, and rushed over to the front door.

"Hey Ziva." Tony said while looking her up and down. "You look nice".

"Thank you Tony". Ziva smiled.

She was wearing a loose black shirt with see-through mesh on the bottom. He was able to see a patch of tan skin just below her belly button because of the mesh. She was also wearing very short pants with see-through mesh all around the bottom of the shorts. Her hair was down, curly, and bushy. Just the way he liked it.

She walked in, and he held back a little to stare at her ass. He felt a sharp pain at the back of his head. He turned around to see McGee with a smirk on his face.

"Knock it off". McGee said to Tony.

They walked to the living room, and sat down on the couch to watch the movie. McGee sat by Abby on one couch, and Tony sat down beside Ziva on the other couch.

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