Chapter 2: Adult Truth or Dare

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The movie ended, and Abby turned the TV off.

"Who's ready for some adult Truth or Dare?" Abby asked with a mischievous look on her face. "These are the rules: No passes. We have to do every dare, and tell the truth. Understand"?

Everyone nodded. They sat down on the floor, and began to play.

"I'll start". Tony said, rubbing his hands together.

"Abby, Truth or Dare"? He asked.


"Have you ever had a threesome?"

"Yes. But that was in college". She said. "My turn! Ziva, truth or dare".

Ziva thought about it for a minute.


"If you had to kiss anyone in the room on the lips, who would it be?"

Ziva turned red in the face. She regretted picking Truth.

"Tony". She said quietly. "But that is only because I have done it before while undercover". She added quickly.

Abby giggled.

"Tony, Truth or Dare?" Ziva asked


"I dare you to prank call an ex-girlfriend of yours".

Tony smiled. "That's easy".

He dialed his last ex's number and put the phone on speaker.

"Hello?" A female's voice said.

Tony disguised his voice. "Hello, is this Veronica?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"I'm your neighbor. Look, so your package from Amazon arrived at my house instead of yours. Do you want me to bring it over?"

"Oh yes please. Sorry about that".

"Hey that's cool. Cool. So, can I open it?"

Abby giggled.

"Um no you can't open it". She said with a shocked tone of voice.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Bring it to my house please".

"Ok. Will do. So um, did you buy anything breakable?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Well, it's just that I shook it, to hear what was inside, and I heard something like glass clinking. Then I tripped over my damn rug, and dropped it. I think I heard something shatter inside".

"WHAT!!??" She practically screamed into the phone.

McGee and Abby were bent over from laughing hard. Ziva was crying with silent laughter.

"Yeah, I know". Tony said, trying not to laugh.

"You are paying for what you broke!" She yelled.

"Sorry about that. I really am, but I have to go. Bye!"

Tony hung up, and everyone roared with laughter.


A few beers later, Abby was getting a little tipsy, and Ziva looked very relaxed. The alcohol didn't seem to affect Tony or McGee much.

"McGoo, Truth or Dare".


"Do you currently have feelings for anyone at NCIS?"


Abby's face fell. "McGee has feelings for someone, and it isn't me". She thought.

"Ziva, Truth or Dare?" McGee asked.


"I dare you to give Tony a quick lap dance".

Tony's and Ziva's faces turned bright red.

Abby clapped her hands together. "I NEED to see this". She said excitedly.

"Pass". Ziva said.

"Ziva. There's no passes". Abby said.

"I don't care. Give me another dare".

"Fine. I dare you to make out with Tony in the closet for a whole five minutes". McGee said.

Ziva sighed and stood up. She led Tony into a closet and closed the door.

Although Abby and McGee couldn't see anything, they could hear Ziva giggling, and the occasional "Tony!"

After the five minutes were up, Tony and Ziva went back into the living room to rejoin Abby and McGee. Abby was sitting in McGee's lap, and he was playing with her pigtails. Ziva and Tony smirked at each other. They knew that Abby and McGee had the hots for each other.

"How about we play some Cards Against Humanity?" Abby asked.

Everyone agreed.

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