Chapter 7: Early Morning Fun

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McGee woke up a few hours later to someone moaning.

It was Ziva.

"Tonyyy". She moaned "Uhhh".

McGee temporarily stopped breathing. "Are they doing what I think they're doing?" He thought to himself.

"Harder". Ziva moaned. McGee heard her gasp. "Right there".

In the dark, McGee glanced over at Abby to see if she was awake.

She was.

"Uhh Tonyyy". Ziva moaned again. "You're so good at this".

Abby quickly found the light switch, and turned on the lights.

"What the hell?!" Tony yelled. "My eyes!!".

Abby and McGee saw that Tony was straddling Ziva's back. They were fully clothed.

"Tony". Ziva groaned. "Get off me now".

"Why the hell did you turn on the lights for?" Tony asked while getting off of Ziva's back.

"Here's a better question. What the hell were you too doing?" McGee asked them both.

"Tony was giving me a back massage. What do you think we were doing?" Ziva said to McGee.

McGee said nothing, and Tony groaned. "Wow really McDirtymind? Did you really think Ziva and I were doing it?"

"I-well-you know, nevermind. Let's just get back to sleep". McGee said hastily.

Ziva finally realized what McGee and Tony were talking about. She gasped and swore in Hebrew. "McGee! I can't believe you!"

"Hey! You can't blame me!" McGee said defensively. "We all know that you and Tony had a thing going on. Remember Paris, and when Gibbs retired? Don't think we don't know what you guys were doing, because we knew. Right Abbs?"

Abby nodded. Tony and Ziva were speechless. Ziva opened her mouth, but them closed it. Tony was struggling to find the right words.

"Save it". Abby ordered. "I don't want to hear that it isn't true, because we all know it's true".

Tony blushed and Abby smiled. "Since that's out of the way, let's get some sleep. I'm tired". She said

Abby turned off the lights, and they all fell asleep.

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