I Hope Her Mom Never Marries My Dad

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Mackenzie's P.O.V.

As Zayn and I entered the house I was now thankful for his arm being tightly around me.

I moved closer to him.

I'm a very social person, but like I said before, I tend to be bipolar so sometimes I'm social and other times I'm extremely shy.

We walked slowly through the large crowd as it looked like Zayn was searching for someone.

"Who are you looking for," I said as I began to unwrap my arm around him. 

I'll be fine.

He stood on his toes, and I poked him in the belly.

"Answer me."

"You talk a lot," he replied bluntly.

"Hey babe," I heard someone call from behind me before I felt their hands on my bum.

I gasped and Zayn took his hand in mine, pulling me back against him.

"Don't be an asshole, Hunter," Zayn replied.

"Sexual harassment is a serious thing," the boy beside the guy that just invaded my personal space said. 

The boy who I assume is Hunter scoffed.

"Whatever," he said brushing the subject off. "I go for what I want."

I decided to glare at him.

"Well, she's mine. Don't touch her," Zayn spoke up. "Got it?"


"Sure thing," Hunter replied.

"Mackenzie this is Hunter," Zayn said pointing to the asshole. "And this is Jax," he then pointed to the boy standing beside Hunter.

He rubbed Jax's hair, smiling. "Jax keeps all of us in check."

Jax scoffed, smiling lightly. "Yeah, whatever."

The boys then all emerged into a conversations.

I guess they were who Zayn was looking for earlier.

I studied all of them in a non- creepy way. 

They were all pretty attractive. Especially Jax and Zayn.

I shook my head, I have to stop thinking about Zayn. 

"Hey, I'll be back I'm going to go get some water," I said pulling on Zayn's shirt like a child. I didn't like Hunter's presence much.

I walked away, not sure if Zayn heard me or not over the music. But he had to realize I was gone from his arms, right?

I walked over to the table where I seen a bunch of drinks.

I looked around and couldn't find any water so I took the two liter of Diet Pepsi and poured it into a cup. I could've decided to drink sink water, but honestly that's disgusting. 

I sat on the counter across from the food, swinging my legs back and forth.

I liked it up here, I can see most of the party.

As I looked into the crowd I seen Zayn still talking to Hunter and Jax. They were laughing about something.

He then turned his head and after awhile made eye contact with me. 

I smiled and gave him an assuring wave to let him know I was okay.

But I'm not sure if he even cares about my well being.

He did that boy nod thing with his head, letting me know he was indeed looking at me.

I looked down at my feet and when I looked back up, he wasn't looking at me anymore.

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