In Possession of this Sexy Ass Car

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Zayn's P.O.V.

My dad's girlfriend stood up from the couch.

"Hello," I said trying to be polite. "I'm Zayn."

"I've heard so much about you Zayn, you can call me Claire," I watched as her daughter walked up beside her. "And this is my daughter Mackenzie."


"Hi," she said quietly, she slowly looked away from me and I watched as she transfixed her stare on a picture of me when I was younger.

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

I watched as he introduced himself to my mom. I walked behind my mom to get a closer look at him.


He had jet black hair and hazel eyes. I stared at the stubble on the side of his face; I guess from not shaving in a couple days.

His eyes make connect with mine for a brief moment and I decided that I should probably look away. He'll be my step brother soon. 

I can't drool over him, no matter how good he looks in that blazer.

My eyes landed on the first thing I seen which was a picture of a boy who looked around the age of six. He had black hair and dark eyes.

It must be Zayn and as he grew older his eyes got lighter.

He was cute as a child but, I think anyone that seen this picture and how Zayn looks now will admit that puberty hit him like World War 1.

I then seen my moms' boyfriend.

I held out my hand, "You must be Mister Grant," I said.

He laughed. "Please, don't call me Mister, it makes me sound so old."

I lightly smiled at the fact.

"You can call me Brian, only your mom calls me Grant. It's my middle name and she loves it."

I just looked down at my feet. I'm not good with meeting new people. I never know what to say.

"Okay," I decided on.

"Honey, come on it's time to go eat," she chuckled. "You're awfully quiet, than normal."

"Yeah," I replied, shyly.

We walked over to the dining room table and I was impressed that everything was already set up.

All the food was set out on the table, ready to eat. 

Spaghetti and garlic bread, one of my favorites.

I watched as Zayn's father took the head of the table. My mom took a sit to the right of Brian and Zayn took sat to left of his father. 

Despite me wanting to sit next to my mom I decided to take a seat next to Zayn.

The seat beside Zayn was the closest seat and I'm awfully shy when I first meet people.

Everyone started to dig in, gracefully putting the food on their individual plates.

Except for me.

After everyone was done getting however much they wanted, I decided to get the big spoon and serve myself.

I scooped up the spaghetti and tried bringing it over to my plate.

Of course, everything didn't go as gracefully as I wanted though and just landed on the table.

I should have bought my plate to the spaghetti instead of the spaghetti to my plate.

"Shit," I swore.

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