We Can't, You're My Step Brother!? {Coming In 2014}

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"We can't d-do this. Y-your my brother," I said.

"Step," he corrected. "Step brother. We aren't related by blood." He brushed his lips over mine and started grinding his hips against me. He smirked. "Plus, you know you want me."

"N-no I don't," I lied.

He chuckled. "You're a bad liar, Joy," he said, before kissing me.

We both pulled away when we heard a gasp.

Oh shit...


Let me Introduce myself. 

My name is Mackenzie Nicole Fay.

There's nothing really special about me. I'm your typical teenager.

I'm fun, out-going, caring, really sarcastic. I love to listen to music. I take gymnastics. That's pretty much it.

Ooh... did I forget to mention that...

I think I'm in love with my step brother, Zayn Malik.


Hey it's me Aubree. Yes....... I decided to start a new book. I will start posting chapters in 2014. Eek. You know when I'm done with Loved, Marked, Saved. There won't be many chapters left in that book xD. Any who. This is a AU story. Which stands for Alternative Universe. Which means that in the book the One Direction characters are NOT famous. This is a Zayn Malik fan fiction.

I want to do a fan fiction for all of them.

Abused, Kidnapped, Raped... & Loved, Marked, Saved... -Harry Styles

Fix Me- Louis Tomlinson

We Can't, You're My Step Brother- Zayn Malik

And I'm going to have to come up one for Niall. Not sure what I'm going to do for him. And yes I do have a plot for Liam. I'm just not sure what to name the book yet.

I'm so excited to write this book.

Ahh and also vote for me to win One Direction tickets. And when you go to the link remember to press the red button that says Vote For _______ 

Heres the link: hot995.com/pages/1d/?1tq

Thank You And Remember Updates In 2014!!!

By the way should this be categorized as Humor, Teen Fiction, or Fanfiction. Which 2 of those out of 3?

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