We Can't, You're My Step Brother

We Can't, You're My Step Brother

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Aubree <3 By TheNameIsAubree Updated May 07, 2016

A.U. Fan Fiction ♥

"We can't d-do this. Y-your my brother," I said.

"Step," he corrected. "Step brother. We aren't related by blood." He brushed his lips over mine and started grinding his hips against me. He smirked. "Plus, you know you want me."

"N-no I don't," I lied.

He chuckled. "You're a bad liar, Joy," he said, before kissing me.

We both pulled away when we heard a gasp.

Oh shit...


Let me Introduce myself. 

My name is Mackenzie Nicole Fay.

There's nothing really special about me. I'm your typical teenager.

I'm fun, out-going, caring, really sarcastic. I love to listen to music. I use to take gymnastics. That's pretty much it.

Ooh... did I forget to mention that...

I think I'm in love with my step brother.

{Has been posted since April 18, 2014. Didn't start really writng till Jan 13, 2016, as in recurring updates}

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-chelsee -chelsee Aug 17, 2016
Zayn Mailk? Bruh, Zayn belongs to my grill Anya/NickDominates
hannahnelson5900 hannahnelson5900 Jun 23, 2014
YESS they were soo good! U got too update the loved marked and saved!! Please I begging!
jessierides jessierides May 30, 2014
*sigh* I know updated chapter 1 I read it 5 times waitimg for the next chapter
jessierides jessierides May 29, 2014
noooo please update I need it. I know u might have writers block and all but please no!! its my most favorite book. me and my friends talk about it all rhe time. its so sad but amazing at the same time! plese keep it going dont stop it
- - May 26, 2014
TheNameIsAubree TheNameIsAubree May 20, 2014
@MouseDreams You'll figure out why he calls her Joy in the story. It's a pretty stupid reason tho ^.^