Jealousy At Its Best (OC X Tsuzuku)

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Tsuzuku POV
I was just sitting in my work room in our apartment when suddenly (Y/N)-chan walks in and twirls in a beautiful white sun dress "Nee... Tsuzuku-kun, does this look okay on me?" I gave a satisfied smile "Yup. You look very pretty." She started to blush and looked super cute. "Where are you going all dressed up?" I felt curious as we didn't have any plans and she usually doesn't dress up if she's meeting friends or family. "Oh, just a small reunion with my high school friends." I started to joke with her and asked if any of her ex-boyfriends would be there. "Yeah. But its not like it matters, right? It was so long ago." Her response was reasonable but it still made me feel uneasy. I was jealous, I'll admit it. As I was busy wondering "What if they were still interested in her?" "What if they try to get it on with her?", she had already left the room. I jumped out of my chair and ran after her in our bedroom. She was doing her hair and makeup and she looked so pretty, I fell in love with her all over again. Well, it's not like I fell out of it before, but still. She brought me back to earth when she asked "Tsuzuku-kun, since you're here, would you help me do my hair? If you don't mind..." I nodded and and started to brush her soft hair. I pinned her hair into a loose bun and added a braid to finish the look. She admired my work in the mirror, smiling radiantly "Tsu-chan, it looks really good. I love it, thank you." We have been together for years now, but I love her more each day. Every time she smile, I feel my heart race. My thought started to concern me again. I couldn't stop myself. I grabbed her shoulders with my arms "Don't go." She looked at me with a shocked face and stuttered as she spoke "W...what do you mean? Don't worry, I'll be back before 10." I threw my arms around her stating "I don't want you to be around them. What if they take you away from me? I can't allow it!" "Who? My ex-boyfriends? Don't be silly, we're just friends now. I have to go now..." She tried to stand after answering me but I pressed her back onto the chair and whispered in her ear "Guess I'm going to have to make you stay." Her eyes widen by my comment. I started to kiss her forcefully, sucking the energy out of her. I carried her of the chair and threw us on our bed. I cupped my hand at her breast and started to explore its way down. She open her mouth to take a breath and I stuck my tongue in to play with hers. I started to pleasure her firm breast and wet part. Her body started to squirm. She wanted more. She says she doesn't want to, but her body was begging me. We were enjoying it, SHE was enjoying it.

My phone rings, interrupting us. Tsuzuku let out a "tsk" and looked annoyed. He refused to at first, but he soon got off me allowing me to reach for my phone. I picked up the call and told my friend that I was on my way. I felt bad for Tsuzuku that the call got in our way, but still felt relieved that it happened or else we would have carried on till the deed was done. After I put down my phone, I looked at his sad expression and felt pain in my chest. "I really have to go now, Tsuzuku-kun..." I explained to him. He dropped his head downwards, got off our bed, and walked me to the exit. I still felt bad for him. I cupped his cheeks with my palms and made him a promise "I'm sorry, Tsuzuku-kun. But I'll make it up to you. Later when I get back, we will continue where we left off, anything you want." A wide smile grew as his face glowed. Just as I was about to leave, he pulled me in and pinned me to the wall. His strong hands prevented me from breaking free as he buried his face in my neck. He landed a strong kiss at my neck and I found myself blushing again. "Tsu... what are you doing?" He finally moved his body away from mine and a smirk grew. "I left a mark just to let them know that you are mine. And don't you dare cover it up." It was then I knew that he had planted a hicky at my neck. I covered it with my hand and ran out the door. I could hear him laughing in the back and calling out to me "Hurry back, (Y/N)-chan. I love you." Although he's not very good about expressing his care for me, I still feel it, I love you too, Tsuzuku.

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