My Pink Bunny (OC X Koichi)

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Koichi POV
"So it's Easter Day this Sunday, huh?" I murmured to myself as I scroll through my Instagram. "What are you doing, Koi-chan?" Mia asked as he skipped next to me with Meto on his back. Meto peaked into my phone and pointed "He's looking at some painted eggs and cartoon rabbits..." In Japan, we don't celebrate Easter Day. At least it's not common practice here. So it's natural if Meto doesn't know what it's called. But since I met (Y/N)-chan, she has taught me of these kind of celebrations and my life has gotten much more interesting. "But why are you even bothered by it, Koichi?" Mia asked me as he continued to scan through my Instagram feeds. "(Y/N)-chan and I have not been able to spend time together lately and she likes Easter Day. What's more her flight back here is on the same day too." I explained to him. "What about this one?" Mia pointed out at an image and it seemed rather interesting. "It's going to be tricky, but I think it would work." I agreed with Mia and began planning. I hope she likes it.

I got off the plane and went to baggage collect. I was hoping that Koichi would come pick me up, like every normal boyfriend would, but deep down I knew he won't be coming, he never does. Ever since Mejibray started to gain popularity, work has been pilling up on him. My boyfriend is not like a normal boyfriend, I knew what I was getting myself into, but sometimes I wish he was, even for one day. I halt a cab and made my way home. During the long drive back, I looked at my phone. "He didn't even call..." Although this is not out of the norm, my heart still sank. I decided to call him to let him know I was back, but as expected the phone just rang and the only voice I heard was his voice mailbox. I let out a sigh and before I knew it, my fluttering eyelids were shut tight. Guess I was really jet lagged.

I felt the car stop and the driver woke me up "Miss, we're here." I thanked him and paid him before I grabbed my baggage and left. I arrived at my apartment doorstep and took out my bunch of keys to unlock the door. As I was about to make my way to my bedroom, I noticed a rather large pink bunny plushie on my couch in the living room. I decided to leave my luggage in the middle of nowhere and walked to the pink stranger. As I got closer I notice it held a basket of brightly painted eggs with a card in it.

Happy Easter Day, (Y/N)-chan.
Your very cute and loving boyfriend

"Yeah. You are cute and loving... huh? That is if you were actually here." I thought to myself and a couple of tears slowly rolled down my cheeks without my permission. Suddenly, I swear, I saw it's paw twitched when I was going to place the card back. I jumped back in shock and almost fell right onto my coffee table but quickly regained my balance. I approached the suspicious bunny once again and realised that it was not not an enormous plushie. It was a suit. "So Koichi sent someone to dress up in this ridiculous suit." I thought to myself as I placed my hands at the side of its head and began to lift. When the whole head came off, there he was.

"Koichi...?" I whispered to myself accidentally. There he was. All sweaty under that suit, sleeping. I felt so happy but yet there was pain in my heart, tear of both joy and guilt rolled down my cheeks. My whimpering must have woken him up, I had my back faced towards him I heard the basket of chocolate eggs fall to the ground as a voice say with shock "Oh! (Y/N)-chan, you're back! I didn't hear you come in..." I turned back to his voice only to show my puffy eyes. "(Y/N)-chan, what's wrong? Why are you crying? You don't like it? Tell me..." he said as he held my wrist in his fluffy paws. I sat next to him on the couch and began to confess. "No, I like it. It's just that I thought you didn't love me that much anymore. We hardly spend time with each other anymore because you're busy. And now you're here, spending all your little energy and time on ...this. I'm sorry..." I felt another wave of tears about to burst. He placed his bright pink paws on my hands. "No it's not. Don't be sorry. I wanted to do this. I still love you the same, if not MORE. It's true that I've been busy, but if I have even a second to spare, it would be for you. Even if I have no energy left, I would still run back to you, for you are the reason I'll be running. I would go through any trouble just to be with you even for a minute, and if you're not there then nothing is worth it." He said trying to convince me. Well he succeeded. I felt a lot better although I shouldn't. I changed the topic by diverting the attention to him "Come on, let's get you washed up. You've been sweating in that thing for so long." A smirk grew wide on his face as he said playfully "I will only go if you're coming in with me~"

*I know that Easter is over, but.. here. Sorry for not updating here, I'm stuck so if any of you have ideas for me, I'll make sure to include your account. Anyway, like usual, hope you enjoyed it.*

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