I Understand Now (OC X Meto)

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"Why do you keep doing this to me?!" I shouted at Meto while holding my tears in. avoiding my stares, he kept his face towards the ground of our apartment. "What have I done wrong? Tell me!" Tears started to roll down my cheek the more I question him. "Ever since we moved in together last year you have been getting more distant from me. Am I suddenly not good enough for you?" Meto grabs my shoulder tightly, staring into my puffy eyes with his dilated eyes. "..." but all he did was look down and never said a word. Although this has happened before, I still feel my heart shatter every time."It's so like you, Meto..." I said as I shrugged his arms away, breaking free. I turned to exit our bedroom and he clutches my wrist, his eyes begging for a second chance. I ripped my arm away from his grasp still looking away "If you have nothing to say to me, don't bother me." I made my way to the living room, lying down on the couch, crying myself to sleep. "What's happening to us..." I whispered to myself. I love you Meto but I wonder if you even feel the same anymore.

I woke up the next morning, my eyes burning with pain. I looked around and found myself lying on the bed in our bedroom. "Did Meto carry me here? But where is he?" I wondered and made my way out of the room half-awake. As I walked into the living room, I found someone sleeping on the couch. It was ME. I looked down onto myself and saw my arms heavily tattooed and felt my face with piercings. Shit! I'm... METO? I started to scream and stutter as I was dumbfounded by the situation. My body started to get up, rubbing her eyes "What's all the drama...AHH!!!"

Meto POV
I was woken up by a screaming male voice. "Who is it? Is Tsuzuku here?" I wondered as my mind was still fuzzy. When I looked up I found the person screaming. It was... me? We were both pointing at each other, screaming stuttering gibberish. "Meto, are you… me?" I was asked when we both calmed down a little. I nodded to the question. "Ah! What are we going to do? I have work today…" she started to whine. "Easy for you. I have an interview and band practise. And can you not talk like that?" She crossed her arms and pouted "Whatever. What are we going to do now? We can't go like this." She made sense and there was only one solution "We can go as each other! That's it!" Her eyes widen as I hurried her to get ready as Meto. "Hurry! Tsuzuku will be coming to pick me… you up soon." She started to resist "Wait! I can't shower you, it's weird! I rather go like this." I fought her attempt to escape "No way you're not! Today is important! And it's not like you've never seen it before." She started to blush bright red at my comment, turning away. Thinking again, I decided "Okay. Then let's shower each other. That way we'll only be looking at ourselves indirectly." She nodded reluctantly, still looking away. We both got into the bathtub and started to shower each other. After around 5 minutes, the door bell rang. "Shit! He's here."

Tsuzuku POV
"what's taking him so long…" I thought to myself as I waited at Meto's front door. When the door opened, there was (Y/N)-chan standing behind it in a towel wrapped around her waist and a towel hung around her neck, barely covering over her breast. "Ah. Good morning, (Y/N)-chan. You're lovely as usual. But… you seem a little different today." Her eyes turned enraged and answered "Haah? What do you think your trying to do?" I was shocked by her reaction. Usually she was so sweet saying "Tsuzuku-kun~", what the hell?
I brushed it off to not make matters worse and walked into the apartment to drag Meto out quick. "Meto! Where are you? Hurry up!" I was told that he was changing and went to barge into his room. As I flung open the door, Meto let out a loud squeal and slammed the in my face "Ah! Tsuzuku-kun, what are you doing? Get out!" Okay, what the fuck was that? Why was a towel wrapped all around his chest. And "Tsuzuku-kun"? Suddenly, (Y/N)-chan grabbed me by my collar "What's wrong with you? You can't just walk in on people like that!" While I was being scolded by her, Meto walked out of the room, looking down with his face red hot "I'm done. Let's go." As we walked towards the exit, (Y/N)-chan chased after us "Meto, you forgot Ruana-chan." She passed it to Meto only to be answered "Thank you. But do I even need Ruana? He's not that important…" I was shocked that was so unlike him. More importantly, (Y/N)-chan was infuriated. I had to drag us out quick to avoid further damage. Seriously, what's going on today?

*That's it for part 1. It's going to be a 2 part story. Please comment if it should end here or be continued.*

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