Our permanent Love (OC X Meto)

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Meto POV
"Oi, Meto! Wanna get a tattoo together?" Tsuzuku asked me backstage of the concert at Tokyo Dome. "Sure, but my tattoo artist is in Okinawa the whole month." I complained back to him. "Well, why don't you come to mine. I've know her for years. She's pretty good. Who know, you might even be able to bag her." I told Tsuzuku that I was up to it and he scheduled an appointment for tomorrow.

The next day I met Tsuzuku at the Harajuku station and made our way to the shop. I question him "What tattoo will you be getting, Tsuzuku?" He thought for a minute and said"Hmm... a butterfly maybe. You?" I answered him "Not sure yet." Tsuzuku reassured me "Well, don't worry about it. If anything, she can help you decide. We're here." Tsuzuku pushed open the door forcefully and exclaimed "(Y/N)-chan, I'm here!" A girl with beautiful hair and large eyes stood up and responded "Geez, Tsu-kun. There's no need to shout. I'll be with you once I'm done here." He nodded and directed us to the sitting area.

Not long after, she walked towards us greeting Tsuzuku "It's been quite some time since you came. And I see you brought a friend." She faced me and introduced herself while having her hand out "Hi, my name is (Y/N), but you can call me (Y/Nickname)." I couldn't stop looking at her mesmerising face and forgot to answer her till Tsuzuku nudged me back to reality. "Oh. My name is Meto..." I shook her hand shyly and she brought us over to our seat and started on Tsuzuku's butterfly. She was having a chat with Tsuzuku when she suddenly asked "umm, Meto-kun, what tattoo do you have in mind?" I hesitated to answer but replied "Well, I never got to decide one, so..." Her face turned a little red when she said "Oh, no problem. I could help you decide." Tsuzuku interrupted us saying mockingly
"Or you could come back here tomorrow ALONE and decide it then, TOGETHER." Tsuzuku was expecting us to mock him but instead (Y/N)-chan and I were both blushing. Looks like I really do like her.

"My name is Meto..." he answered me. "Wow, he looks hot" I thought. As time went on I decided to strike up a conversation with him. The longer I talk with him the more I started to like him. Every time he spoke, my heart would flutter for no reason. I'm not the kind to believe in love at first sight, but looks like I'm a love-sick fool now.

The next day, I noticed someone walked through my door. As soon as I saw it was Meto, I started to blush. "So what tattoo art would you like done today?"I asked him as I tried to keep myself busy to avoid my gaze from meeting his. He answered me "Well, how about "I love you, (Y/N)-chan"" I did as instructed until I stopped halfway at "you" and looked up at him stunned, not knowing how to react. He stared at me with his large eyes and a grin on his face. I turned back down to finish my work. Once I was done, I moved on to my own arm and began to tattoo it. Curious, Meto asked "What are you doing, (Y/N)-chan?" I ignored him and continued. He sat on the chair, trying to peak at what I was doing. Once I was done, I showed him what I worked on, "I love you too, Meto-kun". He looked at it shocked and broke into laughter at my blushing face. He pulled me into an embrace which made me blush even harder. He cupped my chin with his hand and directed it to his face. He initiated a kiss at my lips. I shut my eyes to enjoy the moment. I felt his warm tongue and cold piercing touch my lips, asking for entry. I open my mouth to grant entry for his tongue to meet mine. I felt his tongue toying with mine without hesitation, giving me sensational pleasure, making me moan in lust. Meto knew that we shared the same desire. I felt his hand traveled up my shirt, targeting my bra. Just as Meto was about to unclamp it, I heard the door open. A shocked customer walked into my shop. We turned to face him in shock as well. He was stuttering when he responded "s...s...sorry. I...I'll come back later." and rushes out the door. I attempted to bring him back saying "Wait! No, it's fine. We're not-" Meto interrupted me by pulling me back onto his lap and said "He said he'll be back later. Now no more distractions, okey?". He gave me a smirk and devoured me.

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