Happy Birthday! (OC X Koichi)

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Koichi POV
"Oi!" Tsuzuku called out to me. I turned my head to him in respond to his call. "So what did you get her?" he asked me. I looked at him confused which made him slightly annoyed yet cracking a bit of laughter. "It's (Y/N)-chan's birthday. Don't tell me you forgot again." Only then I remembered and my face turned to a oh-shit expression as I have already forgotten it two years in a row. Mia and Meto soon walked towards us saying "nee...,nee..., what happened? What did we miss?" Mia looked at my expression and guessed "Oh my, you forgot again didn't you?"
I glared at him with an annoyed yet anxious expression. "Guys..., what should I do? This is the third year I forgot already. She's gonna kill me..." I cried for their help. Tsuzuku was no help at all, answering me in a sarcastic tone "Well, I wouldn't blame her. If only she left with me, this wouldn't have happened." I knew that Tsuzuku was kidding(maybe?), but my blood began to boil due to his remark. Before I was about to pounce onto him, Meto stuffed Ruana-chan in my face to stop me and Mia concluded everything saying "Anyway, it's too late now to cry over spilled milk. We should be figuring out a way to solve it. (Y/N)-chan is still our friend by the way." We all settled down and thought when I voiced out "Why not a surprise party?". "Yeah, we can get the supplies after the recording." Mia added and Meto nodded in union to my suggestion. Tsuzuku clapped his hands together and said "Then it's settled. Let's end the recording session quick."

After the session, we grabbed our coats and left to the mall. Tsuzuku went to gather refreshments which came back to be mostly alcohol. Mia and Meto ran to get party decorations
and came back with ten packs of balloons and other colourful party supplies. "That many stuff for decorations? (Y/N)-chan is not a kid you know?" Tsuzuku said to them jokingly. "Well, she's not an alcoholic either. Besides, she's a kid at heart." Mia said mockingly. Tsuzuku pouted his mouth and changed his attention to me. "What did you get, Bambi?" I lifted up the cake box showing it to them, "I got her a cake. I remembered she's been looking at this one recently." "And her present? The cake is not her present, right?" Tsuzuku shocked me with this question as I forgot to get it. My eyes widen up and he noticed it. "Ugh, Koichi. If I were her, I'd be disappointed in you." Tsuzuku said while face-palming himself.
Mia came in on the conversation "It's too late now. We'll have to make do with what we have." I did feel guilty about it, and that Tsuzuku was right but I felt I had to answer him "That's why I'm dating her instead of you then." Everyone started laughing and we left the mall in a flash.

We got to her apartment and I unlocked the door with the keys she gave to me. "So I see you guys are past second base then." Tsuzuku said jokingly. I shrugged him off and we all went in and started to decorate. Right when we finish everything, we heard the sound of keys at the door. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the cake in my hand and waited for her in the doorway. Just before the door opened, Meto ran by me and stuck a present bow to my forehead, dashing behind the couch with the other members. I was baffled by Meto and when she walked into the hall, we both had shocked faces but for different reasons. "Ahh... Welcome back, (Y/N)-chan. And, happy birthday!" I said stuttering and the guys jumped out from behind the couch singing "Happy Birthday!"

I was shocked by the surprise. I thought that he forgot again. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I walk closer to him "You remembered? And you went through all this trouble? Thank you, guys." I blew out the candles on the cake and invited them all to sit down. We enjoyed ourselves and Tsuzuku got a little drunk from all the alcohol he bought. "(Y/N)-chan, it's time for you to open your present~" Mia said as Meto pushed Koichi towards me. They all left with smiling faces and the room turned silent instantly once the shut the door behind them. "I'm sorry I forgot before. Will you forgive me?" Koichi said breaking the silence while holding my hands in his. I leaned in and pecked him on the lips. "I was a little upset about it before, but I was never angry with you. I love you. I know you're very busy, and I don't blame you." Koichi smiled from ear to ear and gave me a tight bear hug. In the end, it was not a luxurious party but it was the best. I love you, trembling bambi.

*So, I planned for this one to be a little simpler. Hope you liked it. Comment.*

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