Never Letting Go (OC X Tsuzuku)

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It's that time of the year again, Christmas. I love it when I look around and I see so many happy people enjoying themselves especially the loving couples. Although I used to get envious of them..., but not anymore. I now have a loving boyfriend who cherishes me as much as I cherish him. Today, we are on our first ever Christmas date. In fact, it's our anniversary at midnight. My boyfriend is Tsuzuku from the famous visual kei band Mejibray. I've know him all my life as we grew up together, as well as loving him secretly for many years. Due to his band activities, our relationship has been pretty slow and secretive. However, he finally managed to find the time to be with me, on this very special day. And I loved every second of it.

"Tsu-chan, it's getting cold..." I said softly as I was shivering under my coat. "Is that so? Then, do you wanna go into that mall to warm up? We'll go eat ramen after you're more comfortable." As tempting as that offer sounded to me, I shook my head in disagreement as I knew we were both very hungry, especially Tsuzuku. And he just loved that ramen place so much, the shop we ate at on our first date. "Well, if that's the case then here..." he said as he was taking of his heavy down jacket, giving it to me. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!No! Put it back on. You're going to fall sick, and the guys are gonna blame it on me." I said as I ushered him to put it back on. He then holds me in a tight embrace and says "I'm your man, (Y/N)-chan. It's my duty to love you." I blushed hard as I could hear his heart beat faster. "You're cold and I don't want YOU to fall ill." He then slips the jacket onto my shoulders, covering my cold body. He bends down and plants a gentle yet deep kiss at my frozen lips. I felt my body heating up with his warm kiss. Right before the kiss went any further, he pulled back with a wide grin on his face and said "beside, even if I do fall sick I know I'll be in good hands." He wrapped my waist with his forearm and tucks his hands into the pocket of his jacket, holding my hand inside it as well. We carried on walking to our destination in this subtle yet affectionate state.

A few blocks were passed and we reached a crossroad. As we waited for the pedestrian light to turn green, Tsuzuku reached into his jeans pocket and took out a sleek black rectangular box with a crimson red bow on it. He placed it in front of my face and said "Merry Christmas, my love." I opened the box to see a beautiful necklace custom-designed by Tsuzuku for me. I covered my mouth with my hands to cover my jaw-dropped face. He laughed in amusement at my reaction causing me to blush hard. His expression softened and he removed the necklace from the box to place it
around my neck. As Tsuzuku was about to successfully clamp the chain around my neck, a pedestrian accidentally knocks into us causing the it to fall onto the road. I waited impatiently for the light to turn green for me to grab the necklace back. As soon as the light colour changed, I dashed out to the road to grab it before other pedestrians cross the road, losing the necklace. As I finally picked up the jewellery, as turned back to face Tsuzuku. I remember his face changed from a loving smile to a mortified expression, everyone around was screaming in panic, and there was blood everywhere.

When I dashed forward to snatch the necklace from the ground, there was a lorry speeding through the road, not noticing me in its way, and neither did I. As I turned back to face the love of my life, I felt my body fly through the air, landing on the hard road. In the midst of all the drama, the lorry driver drove away to avoid any conflict. As I laid on the cold hard ground in a crippled state, Tsuzuku rushed to me as fast as he could. He held me tight in his arms, sheltering my wounded head with his large hand. "(Y/N)-CHAN! OH MY GOD!! I'M SO SORRY! I DIDN'T PROTECT YOU!" He screamed as his eyes teared extremely. I started to cry as well when his warm tears fell upon my pale face. I tried to comfort him that it was not his fault, not to cry,that I love him. As I tried to speak my heart to him, only a soft whimper escapes my trembling mouth, making me feel weak and ashamed of myself. I gathered enough strength to lift my hand to stroke him damp cheek. It comforted him a little and he reassured with a soft and calm voice "Don't worry, (Y/N)-chan. The ambulance is on their way. You're gonna be fine." I gave him a warm smile despite the pain I'm in. I started to choke a little causing me to cough, blood started to drip out of my mouth. Tsuzuku started to tear again but managed to remain calm. He used his long slender fingers to wipe away the blood that escaped my mouth. He gave me a passionate and strong kiss on the lips, making me forget about the pain I was in even for a split second. Afraid that the blood in my mouth would disgust him, I tried to keep my lips shut tight, but he parted them with his sharp tongue, allowing his tongue to meet mine. His tongue played with mine,making me moan with pleasure and pain. Right before Tsuzuku was about to go any further, he was pulled away by two paramedics, I was positioned on the stretcher and brought me to a nearby hospital. Throughout the journey at the back of the ambulance, my vision was hazy and I was being assisted by the paramedics, but I focused on Tsuzuku grabbing onto my hand with all his might. I reassured him by tightening my grip on his hand. Our hands were parted when I was rushed into the operation room of the hospital. I was sedated and fell into deep sleep.

Tsuzuku POV
I couldn't stand seeing her in that state. It hurt me so much. I waited outside the operation room for hours that seemed like forever. The longer I waited the more anxious I got. I gave the guys a call to let them know that she was in the hospital, and they rushed over as fast as they could. I heard Koichi shouting as he was running towards me, "Oi, Tsuzuku!" He was panting as he asked me "What happened? Is she okey?" I told him what happened and that she was in the operation room for hours. Mia and Meto came not long after. Hours passed and finally (Y/N)-chan was released from the room. She was located in the Intensive Care Unit. The doctor told me that she only had a 50/50 chance of survival. The news knocked the wind out of all of us,and I couldn't help it but tear a little.

I went to sit beside her holding her cold hand. The guys stood at the corner of the room, examining the situation. My eyelids began to feel heavy and I fell asleep, still not letting go of her hand. Around midnight, I woke up, noticing that she was starting to wake up. I call out to her "(Y/N)-chan, you're awake. How are you feeling? Are you okey?" She never answered me, instead she requested me to sing her a song. I started singing "Emily" for her and a weak yet wide smile grew on her face. When I finished the song, she held my hand tighter, took a deep breath, and said in one exhale "I love you. Merry Christmas and happy anniversary". She bent up to kiss me and I went in to kiss her. Just as our lips were about to touch, her grip loosened and her torso fell onto the bed. I called out to her "(Y/N)-chan?! (Y/N)-chan!!" I pressed the emergency button repeatedly while holding onto her limp body tightly. "(Y/N)-CHAN, WAKE UP!! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!" I wraped my body around her, brawling my eyes out. The guys began to cry too as they and the nurses try to pull me away from her. My voice was soft and shaky but still hearable "Please don't leave me. I need you. I can't afford to lose you. I lost too much..." I was waiting for that miracle of her hugging me back, but that never happened no matter how much I prayed for it under my breath. As the doctors pronounced her "dead" I kept screaming in denial "SHE'S NOT DEAD!! SHE'S JUST SLEEPING!" Mia and Koichi was grabbing me by my arm and Meto around my waist as they covered her face and wheeled her out of the room to the mortuary. "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HER?! LEAVE HER ALONE!" I shouted at the nurses and turned to the guys "LET GO! PLEASE!! Please..." I broke down to the ground in sadness and tears. I laid on the ground while the guys kneeled around me to console me. Mia tried to console me saying "Tsuzuku, we're all very sorry for your loss. We know you loved her deeply, so let her rest in peace." Koichi added "She will always live on in our hearts. You'll meet her one day. I promise." Meto hugged me from the side all in union to console me.

Many years has passed since that day, but never one day I forgot about her, never one day I never wore OUR necklace.

*All done, the end. Sorry it's so long. If you read all the way, congratulations. I hope you enjoyed it. *

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