Promise (OC X Mia)

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"AHH!" I woke up in my bed screaming, sweating vigorously. "Not again..." I whispered to myself and I bury my weeping face into my palms. Every year since I moved to America I would dream of my past when I once lived in Japan. I had to leave Japan at the age of 10 due to my father's relocation. On the day I left Japan, I also lost my best friend, my first love.

"Em...,Mia-tan, I have something to tell you." "Huh? What is it, (Y/N)-chan?" He replied me while still chewing on his bun. "What do you think of me?" I ask him, looking away. "Huh? What do you mean? You're acting weird, (Y/N)-chan." My chest began to ache, tears welled up in my eyes."Then, would you be happier without me? If I was gone?" I asked him. "Okay, (Y/N)-chan. What's going on? Something is bothering you, tell me." He pressured me for answers as he grabbed my wrist. I bent my head down, avoiding his gaze, "I'll... be leaving Japan." He smiled at me happily "Oh, you're going on a trip? Well, have fun. Remember to bring some gifts back for me." I shook my head, answering "I'll be moving... to America." His eyes widen in shock and he griped my shoulder forcefully "Why? How long?" I started to cry. I answered him while wiping my tears away "My father got transfered there. And I won't be coming back..." He pulled me into his arms and pat my head. We both started to cry till our heart's contempt.

We went back to Mia's house for me to pay my farewell respects to his family. Before I left his house, Mia ran clumsily to his room to get something. "Here. It's my favourite red scarf so don't lose it." He handed it to me while facing another direction, pouting. I refused the gift as I knew it was important to him but he wrapped it around my neck, "Take it. I want you to have it. Wear it everywhere and don't you dare forget me. Oh, send me mails too." I nodded and gave him a final hug. "I don't wanna leave you, Mia-tan." I felt that I just had to say it. "I'll come for you, I promise. Wait for me."

*Flashback end*

That was the last time I saw him. We were contacting through mail but that only lasted for a few years through middle school. On his last letter he wrote...
"(Y/N)-chan, have you been a good girl? I hope you still have my precious scarf, don't lose it, ever. I'll be moving to Tokyo soon. I'll work hard so I can meet you one day, as a successful man. So wait for me. Don't you dare forget about me!"

He has never contacted me since then and it has been so long, I feel stupid still waiting for him.

I woke up the next winter morning ready to go to my job. I threw on the scarf and went out the door. I looked down and found a long-stem rose. I thought "Again? And still no card..." I took it with me and hurried to the office. As I got there my friend, Taylor, greeted me. "Hey, girl~ Another rose? Your secret admirer must be rich or something." We both laughed in amusement and she said "Oh ya! (Y/N), Mejibray is having a concert tonight and I got two tickets, front row! Come with me, please?" Although I am not familiar with the band, I knew that it was Taylor's favourite band. I accepted her offer and we made plans for the night.

After work, we hurried our way to the concert location. We got there just in time and made our way into the line. The surrounding lights went dark, the stage shined brightly and the concert began. We were both having a good time, our hearts beating to the rhythm of Meto's drum. As I was enjoying the performance, I felt odd. Like someone was staring at me. I looked around and found the silver-haired guitarist looking my direction. He flashed a cheerful smile and a friendly wave which seemed somewhat familiar to me. I started to blush so I pulled my red scarf to cover my face. However, as time passed, I still had that uneasy feeling. "Is he still looking this way? Why does he seem so familiar..." my mind was occupied with these thought throughout the live.

We were making our way out until a staff member call out to us. "Excuse me, but a member has ordered me to bring you two to the back." We did not know why but we followed the staff member to the back and found the guitarist holding a banquet of roses facing us. "Hey, (Y/N)-chan. Long time no see. I see you brought a friend too." He called out to us and I looked at him confused, thinking "Why did he call us here? Why is he speaking as if we've been friends for so long? Wait, how does he know my name?" Taylor looked at me with a surprised face "(Y/N), I never knew you were Mia's friend. Why didn't you tell me?" I looked at her shocked and turned to face him. "Mia? Mia-kun?" I let those words slip my mouth and he bent down and responded me "What? Don't tell me you forgot about me. And you were so much cuter when you used to call me Mia-tan." He said while pouting his lips. "Mia-kun? Is it really you?" I questioned him. He gave me a warm smile which melt my heart in the cold winter air "Yeah. I back." I leaped forward and threw my arms around him "You came. You actually came. I missed you so much." I felt my eyes burst into tears. He held me tighter, patted my head and replied me "I promised you that I would come for you. I never break a promise." We held each other tightly, scared to let go.

When Mia finally broke it off, he took out a velvet red box, kneeling in front of me. "(Y/N)-chan, I have always loved you ever since we were kids. You had to leave, breaking us apart from each other. But now I am here, and I hope that we would never part again. (Y/N)-chan, I love you,do you love me? Would you marry me?" I felt my legs go weak, hard to stand, I fell to the ground. I said yes and he put the ring on my finger. We heard claps from in the background and turned to look. We found all the other members and Taylor clapping. Tsuzuku walked up and called out to Mia "So this was what you were doing, Mia. You finally got your wish. Congrats!"
We all gathered and went to a nearby bar to celebrate.

*Sorry it was so long. I kinda lost control of it. Still, hope you liked it.*

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