X The Impostor

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Kenji was open-mouthed in front of the mirror, and Shingue seemed worried thinking that Kenji might think he was siding with Arthur.

Kenji was confused and looked at Shingue's green eyes. "S-Shingue, I did not understand what you have said earlier..."

"Ah, look Kenji... Arthur and I have been friends for long since we were high school classmates. Like me, he also obtained a sacred stone but in different type. If I have a Divine Stone, then Arthur has a Magic Stone."

Kenji eyes looked intensely towards Shingue. "You certain about this? Tell me you're kidding right?"

"Kenji, we've been friends of Arthur and I am telling you that he is really one of us... though we both obtained different types of stone."

"What? And what kind of Magic Stone did Arthur get?"

"I am uncertain about it, Kenji... But it is a genuine Magic Stone."

"Oh? You're his friend, so you should know all about him. And I thought you're the only Explorer here in this school."

Shingue stooped down his head. "I'm sorry again, Kenji. Are you upset on me now?"

Kenji chuckled. "Why do I feel upset at you? That's okay!"

Shingue lifted his face. "Kenji, if you're really serious about becoming an Explorer then you need more perseverance and patience in life. You have to live and learn the real meaning of being a true warrior. In order to become one, you need to find and obtain at least one Sacred Item and then show it to the Explorers," then he whispered. "As for the tip, show them a little impressive stuff to get a higher chance of becoming one, because honestly I did the same thing and they recruited me. And then, they will give you tests to quantify your ability as their new warrior."

"Really? When they recruited you, what were the type of tests they gave you?"

Shingue sprang back in shock then he shouted. "What the hell, Kenji! Oh please... if I tell you everything I did during my tests that time then it takes me a week straight just to tell you my whole useless story!"

Kenji looked puzzled. "I don't understand Shingue, though you're in lowest class they'll still give you tests? Were they too hard for you?"

"Ah yes... But the other tests were so easy to pass, Kenji. And the other thing is, they're too funny. Sometimes the Explorers also ask you different things for an interview as if they are also hiring employees for work."

"So Shingue, how to get to the Explorer base? You shouldn't be here since you're one of them, nevertheless the Explorers ordered you to stay here for the training."

"Kenji listen, there are three classes of the Explorers' family. I am in the lowest class called Ultimate Explorers. Which means, their base is not only one but also three... Though the three classes are different from each other, and yet we belong in the same umbrella organization."

Kenji wiped his face again with a towel. "That's great," but there was no excitement shown on his face.

"Yeah, and you know what? The UE leader said that our team has the most number of warriors among the three sub-groups of the Explorers, because they have the most number of Sacred Items obtained than the two. As you elevate your class, their requirement becomes strict. The Dragon Divinity Explorer is the highest class of the Explorers family that makes them elite and only few members are in the list. This is because their members are the ONLY selected warriors by the gods to become the protectors and guardians of their artifacts, as well as the fourteen long-lost elements that are still remain hidden up to now. As for the sacred stone I already have, they are still uncertain if the stone is one of the missing elements or not. The bottom line is, obtaining a sacred stone is the key to become an Explorer and when they find out that you have one, they will recruit you to join the lowest class."

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