I Prologue

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Explorers, one of the groups of selected best fighters in the entire universe... who were called on and sworn to help restore and preserve what was left on the planet's surface and protect mankind from further devastation and chaos in hands of the invaders. This organization was divided into three subgroups by classes: the Ultimate Explorer (UE), which was the lowest class of the Explorers family. Second, the Extreme Ultimate Explorer (EUE), and lastly was the dream of most Explorer warriors which was the highest class of all... the Dragon Divinity Explorer (DDE). Their warriors were also called "Wielders".

According to people's belief, the Explorers were not just a group of warriors whose primary task was to defend and protect the world from annihilation against the invading forces. People believed that they were the guardians, servants, and warriors of the greatest king of all gods. Before a warrior became a part of the organization, he/she must overcome all the tests and obtain at least one missing power called the "Sacred Item" or the sacred stone. The chosen Explorer warrior (starting in the lowest class) would be rewarded and called as "Wielder". The "Sacred Item" had two types of stones: the Divine Stone and the Magic Stone. The Divine Stone held the power of an "element" that possessed strong power and elemental-based magics. This type of stone consisted of fourteen different types of elements: Holy, Earth, Time, Poison, Lightning, Deity, Fire, Darkness, Light, Trinity, Air, Ice, Water, and Gravity. The Magic Stone, was the second type of Sacred Item which held the power of a "magic". This type of stone consisted more than a hundred of its kind, but its power was limited and weaker than the Divine Stone. These two types of sacred stones were once possessed by the greatest king of the gods who released all of his powers and transformed into stones (Sacred Items).

Why thus the god released these powers and how did they all change as "Sacred Items"? Let us found out the course of history about the conquest of the gods and goddesses against their Greatest King; who was the sole master and the god of the universe whose name was King Jethro:

In ancient times, the former gods and goddesses, and even the animals and monsters were having a quarrel due to the unique power possessed by King Jethro, who was the predominant god of all whom they envied excessively. And even after the war, there was a lone monster who was furiously envied at King Jethro's power which was way beyond the universe. All of his powers consisted of fourteen elements and over a hundred of magics that became the main target of an obnoxious monster.

The lone monster thought of an evil plan and wished to seize the world, even all of the king's powers. He summoned the other gods and goddesses who were also jealous, and they secretly assembled to talk and draw an evil plan to topple the king. The lone monster said they had to conquer the kingdom of the Great King of all and take all of his priced possessions including his dignity.

"What? Are you going to conquer King Jethro's kingdom and steal all of his superpowers? Are you out of your mind?" asked one of a goddess.

"Yes, by all means! And I also want to rule the world," said the lone monster. "I want to become the Great King of the universe!" and he laughed.

"If your greed is the main reason why you seek help from us and even acquiring all of his powers, then we are not going to help you!" said the goddess. "Besides, what you only wished is for your own personal good!"

The lone monster felt angered.

"This is what we ever wanted and also want to become like him! But why you wanted to possess all of his powers and not even cared for the others?"

"No way, there's no point of helping you with your plans," said the other goddess.

The lone monster felt so angered once more, and he really wanted to possess all of King Jethro's powers. So he decided to make some excuses and device another plan to lure the goddess.

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