VI Isidra

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Isidra was a fairy of love and emotion who had the power to feel all emotions as an energy coming out from any human beings living in the human world.

Perhaps she was the saddest living entity not only because she was alone, but also she was away from her own family. She lost all of her children as well as her beloved husband who was more concerned in all DDE missions as a leader of the Explorer organization. A type of leader who could sacrifice everything even his own life and family. She had no any news about what was happening with her family. In order to free herself from worrying, she went along with the goddess of love whom she cared so much. It had been many times she had been restless and uneasy while waiting for the return of her beloved husband and her children. And it had been years passed that all she had to do was to cry all day.

"Isidra, I've never seen a smile on your face... except those diamonds that keep on coming out from your eyes whenever you cry. Are you still hoping to see your family again?" asked one of the fairies who was Isidra's friend.

Isidra's tear fell once again on her cheek and it turned into a brilliant diamond. "Yes, I am still with high hope... My children are wise and smart. They can handle themselves in any danger they are facing, even in the hands of the enemies."

"But what if they will not return? What will you do then?"

"Don't speak like that! I-I have my twin sons and I took them in..."

"What did you say Isidra? Where?"

Isidra cried. "N-Nevermind! I am still hoping to be with my family again someday soon," then she mumbled to herself. "Reinhardt... you're my eldest son... I know you are all together now."

The fairy asked. "May I ask you something Isidra? When you were in the human world and married Alex, did he find out that you're a fairy? Answer me!"


"Well, maybe you've forgotten... Our lord forbids us to reveal our real identity to any humans that may compromise our kingdom. How much more if you are having a relationship with a mortal?!"

"I'm sorry... I tried to hide it but they already it only today that you find out the truth?"

"How did that happen, Isidra? You were responsible for this!"

"Because when I gave birth to all of my children, there were two studs appeared in each of their body as a permanent mark symbolizing that the blood of a fairy is running in their veins... just like mine," then Isidra showed off her two studs pierced in her chest. "Alex noticed those studs and at first I lied about it. But soon after, there were marks coming out in each of my children's body. So, Alex forced me to reveal my true identity. For the love of my family, I finally admitted that I'm a fairy. All the while I thought every single fairies here already knew about it and that includes you."

"Those studs and marks were inherited by you, Isidra," said the fairy. "Do you think those are already permanent in their bodies?"

"Perhaps... maybe... though those marks on their foreheads can still be kept hidden... I think."

"Did you hide those marks when you were still in the human world, Isidra?"

"I was always trying. I was wearing long robes to keep them hidden."

"But you failed!"

"I know, the Explorers perceived when they noticed my children after I gave birth to them... But I didn't regret, because the Explorers understood about it, and they said that Alex was very lucky to marry a fairy like me. But I didn't tell them that I was not the only fairy who roamed in their world."

"When Lord Zalan learned such news, what did he do to you?"

"You really didn't have any idea about me, did you Skuld? When Lord Zalan learned about what actually happened during my time in the human world, he forbade me for coming back in their world and interact with humans until he said so..."

"Now I know why you were not with us when we were searching for the Sacred Items. You were forbidden to go back in the human world without our lord's permission. In fact, those Explorers have gathered some of the Magic Stones but they have some difficulties in transforming the stones back in their true form as pure magics."

"I want to return the sacred stones I got when I was still in the human world, Skuld."

The fairy stepped back in shock. "What?! You've got some stones with you?"

"Yes! I got three Magic Stones but I didn't have the courage to give them yet because Lord Zalan is still angry at me..."

"How long you have those stones in your possession? Hey, were you stealing them?"

"Why would I steal the stones?"

"Then give those stones to Lord Zalan!"

"I'm scared... he might punish me even more if I tell him that I have these stones for so long."

"Lord Zalan will listen to you, Isidra. Come, I will accompany you to him."

"No, I can't!"

"Why? Are you guilty about this?!"

"No, just let me do this all by myself and tell about the stones..."

The fairy sighed as she shook her head. "Fine, I am leaving now. I noticed you've been restless, uneasy, and couldn't even talk to me seriously today..."

"Yeah... I'm sorry. I've been depressed for so long that's why."


The fairy left Isidra alone in the room. She continued to think about what was happening to her family again.

"I've been suffering this pain in my heart... If only I didn't tell the truth, perhaps I am still happy until now. I truly miss my children so badly. Will they still able to hide their studs without me telling them? I hope so..."

She stood up, and then she looked at the clouds.

"I can't run away and betray our lord. But if I do, perhaps he will permanently remove my power as a fairy of love!"

Isidra continued to murmur alone as if she was talking to a blank wall. She was in constant motions back and forth restlessly while her eyes was looking around.

"Wait, my twins, I fled from our enemies they're... Oh yes! They're my Maximillian and Denver. I believe they're still alive! Reinhardt... yes, he is wise and very prayerful. How about the others? I wonder what are the names of my other children? Ahh, my two youngest daughters named Diana and Rebecca. Those little girls in tender years can live without me... Um, no! They were captured by our enemies along with their triplet brother! Uhuhuhu... Rohrer, my second son and Zoroaster, my third son... Where've... AHHH! Where are my eight children now? My worries are killing me. I've been drowning from this eternal despair!"

The other fairies heard Isidra's cries inside her room. They quickly entered the room to check, but the poor fairy of love suddenly collapsed due to excessive depression.

"Poor Isidra, it's been long years she has been living in depression..."

Isidra could no longerstand her worst sadness. Would there be a chance where she could see her familyagain?

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