III A Nightmare

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The twins fled from the Pioneers until they got very tired and rested for a while. They had been traveling all day long and passed through the forests, desert, and rivers only to ensure their safety. Though they were very exhausted and hungry, the twins continuously running for few more hours and got into another small forest where they rested.

"B-Brother, I am so thirsty..." said Genji in a hoarse voice.

Kenji did not answer. He looked very pale.


Kenji still not answering Genji. He was too lazy to speak due to severe exhaustion.


"Yes, I know! I heard you. So am I brother, I am thirsty as well."


"What? What are we going to do now? Don't lose hope. We're both suffering, we're in the same situation. Do not be a coward!"

"What coward are you talking about?"

"What I mean is, we need to be strong to overcome these hunger, tiredness, and this thirsty thing for a while okay?"

"I can't take it anymore!"

"I don't care! If you keep on asking, fine! But I can still suffer more!"

"Another thing is brother..." Genji continued with fear. "Where do we sleep? Where will we hide? If those evils will see us, maybe they will do what they did to us a week ago."

"I... I don't know!"

"WAAAHHHH!" Genji cried.

"Let's go brother, let's look for some place to sleep. The snow is coming."

The two traveled still with an empty stomach and dry throat. They walked three hours without stopping. The snow came, and it was a heavy snowstorm. The twins were both freezing badly.

"Brother... It's too cooooold!" Kenji was freezing.

The temperature was really cold so the twins hugged each other very tightly to kept themselves warm.

"B-Brother, do you think this also what happened to our mother when she was also in trouble?" Genji asked while freezing.

"M-Maybe brother... Ahhh..."

"W-Wait..." Genji whispered. "I-I see a glittering of lights from afar, there's a town over there!!!"

"W-Where?" asked Kenji in high hope. "I am chilling too much, and my vision is blurring. My whole body is getting weaker!"

Genji got more excited.

"Hahaha, hey brother it is really a town! Come on, let's go and hurry up. We can sleep there, my body's starting to numb!"

The twins walked in a hurry. "It is really a town! Hooray, maybe there are people living there to help us!"

But because of their hunger and exhaustion, the twins' bodies suddenly collapsed and fell on the snowy ground. Their bodies rolled over to the town and covered with snow.

There were some villagers passing by and they noticed the twins' unconscious bodies. But, they just ignored and pretended they saw nothing. They walked away calmly.

The town where the twins stumbled upon was called Damsville. Here in Damsville, the residents had no respect to each other. Majority of them were ill-mannered. Only few people were so kind to reach out other.

No Damsville resident managed to help the twins from the brink of death. They never cared about other people's well-being. What they only did was to just watch the twins who were still covered in dense snow and then they leave. As for the Damsville people, "mind your own business" was their law, and survival of the fittest was what they were.

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