V The Journey

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It was already too late when Kenji and Claude arrived in Dakar. Dead bodies were strewn all over the place. There were no more people living there and the whole town was completely abandoned. The small houses were dilapidated and were burned down to the ground.

"I wonder what happened to my father? And my brother... where is he?" Kenji asked Claude.

"I don't know!"

"C'mon Claude, let's take a look at the house where me and my brother lived before."

The two first went to the twins' former home seven years ago. When they reached the place, Kenji was surprised to see it was already demolished. Their house was completely gone and untraceable.

Kenji with a teary eyes, screamed out loud: "DAD! Where are you now? What just happened to this town?!" and then he cried.

There was a woman's voice responded in a distance. "Were you seeking an answer about that kid? Well, your stepfather has been dead a long time ago!"

Kenji was shocked as if the sky fell on his head when he learned what was happened. He looked around to find where the voice came from. "What are you talking about? Wait, who are you? Reveal yourself!"

A mysterious woman showed up from a high dead tree. "I am one of the Vanguards. Are you the son of a DDE warrior and a fairy?"

Kenji did not confirm nor deny the asking. "V-Vanguard? What are you doing here?"

"Nothing, we are one of the Explorers' enemy. We did not participate with Pioneers in destroying this place, and we do not intend to take you!"

"And my father?!"

"I do not know the name of your stepfather but I should tell you this: Pioneers were still looking and want to kill somebody here in this place!"


"Well, it's because Pioneers believe that Dakar is a cursed town. They know that there is a sacred object buried and hidden in this place which I do not know what it is. They are also looking for the twins of a DDE warrior, but your stepfather said nothing but lies... And then, BA-GOOM! They killed him!" then she laughed. "Your considered father was the first victim and who got killed by Pioneers when they couldn't find the twins. And then, every year they just keep on coming back only to look for the twins and kill the rest of the innocent residents one by one..."

"You mean, those Pioneers killed my father right after me and Genji ran away? That was already seven years ago!!!"

"Why?" asked the woman. "Do you still believe that he is still alive?"

"M-My father is already gone... THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!"

The woman teased Kenji. "Oh yeah, your fault... I'm sorry to hear that!"

Claude asked. "Kenji, what is the sacred object that woman was talking about? And your brother Genji... why he isn't here?"

"Oh by the way, there was another young boy who looked like you came here just lately. Maybe he is your twin brother. I was right... you are the twins they were searching for..."

Kenji ignored Claude's question earlier. "What? Where is he now?"

"Well... the Pioneers were here when he came."

"Then? Where is he now?"

"Now he's gone! Those Pioneers tortured and kidnapped him! Maybe he's also dead by now!"

Kenji felt a deep anger in his self. It seemed that he wanted to scream and destroy the world. Instead, he punched the ground repeatedly until his fist bled but he ignored it. The rain fell, and the droplets poured on Kenji's cheek.

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