II The Beginning

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The ship departed as no one noticing that they were carrying the twins inside the basket. The basket was on the deck and the twins were asleep because the sea was calm and was sailing peacefully. It took few hours before they reached their destination called Dakar.

After five hours of travel, the ship arrived in Dakar. The passengers on board were preparing on getting their luggage. The ship was not yet anchored, but some of the passengers were getting excited to land when they jostled to each other.

"Please everyone... May I ask you to sit down for a while to avoid stampede?" said a ship crew politely.

The passengers listened and they sat. After fifteen minutes or so, the ship finally stopped. The passengers stood on their seats and they lined up properly. They brought their luggage with them while they were walking on a ramp.

When the exhausted passengers left the ship, a sailor inspected the ship if there were still any passengers left on board. As the crew was scouring the ship, the other sailor noticed the basket. He took the basket and started to search for someone who accidentally left the basket but no one returned to look for it. The sailor decided to go to their Captain to report about the abandoned basket.

"Captain, someone left the basket here!"

The sailor handed over the heavy basket to the Captain. But they both startled when they felt something was moving inside the basket. When the Captain opened it, he was surprised when the baby twins suddenly cried.

"Whose children are these?"

The Captain handed over the basket back to the sailor and ordered to find the owner of the two children. The sailor quickly ran while carrying the basket to find the twins' parents. He got off the ship and asked the passengers one by one, but no one seemed to be looking for the twins. No one told him that they were the twins' parents. Afraid and worried, he returned to his Captain.

"What?! Why you still have that basket with you?"

"Err, Captain... I asked them about it but no one told me that they own the twins."

"Huh, what do you think are we going to do with those two children?"

The sailor put down the basket and carried one of the twins. A small piece of paper fell from the child. He took a piece of paper and read what was written on it, but the only message said: "Maximillian Foster, son of Alex Foster of DDE..."

He also took a piece of paper from the other child in the basket and the message said the same thing, but in different name. "Denver Foster, son of Alex Foster of DDE..."

A sailor felt pity for the twins when no one was looking for them, so he decided to take the twins to his home. He posted a notice about the missing basket and waited all day long for any calls from anybody who might be looking for the twins. But the night came out as the sailor never received any report calls.

None. No one really looked for the twins. No one owned the twins. The sailor felt more pity to the twins so he finally decided that he was going to adopt them, and owned the twins as his sons. The sailor had no family, and he was overjoyed as the twins came to become a part of his life and not to be alone anymore.

"Is it true that these twins are the sons of a Dragon Divinity Explorer? But why did he abandon the twins? How pitiful!" he asked himself.

The sailor raised and cared the twins. After seven years, the two kids grew up as healthy twins. Though they were living in poverty because the sailor was not earning a lot, still, he managed to brought up the kids decently.

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