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I couldn't believe it. Me. Singe. Shy as hell just grabbed my crushes face and kissed him. It was as if a new found confidence had appeared from nowhere. I could feel I was like a tomato but I didn't care, zig knew how I felt and knows where this is going. I honestly just wanted to do my time here and get home but instead, a blonde tall guy who is just simply amazing came into my life and left me lost for words. I can't even begin to explain how much I feel for him. I broke the kiss and look zig In the eyes as he caressed my cheek with his hand. He had a small smile but eyes full of happiness. He looked over the moon. Neither of us said a word while we stared into each other's eyes. The mood was broken by "about time you two, I now get armpits bread for 2 weeks" X Ray half shouted. "Wait! You're telling me there was bets going on?!" I squealed. X-ray just nodded his head. I heard a light chuckle come from zig. "So that's what you guys where betting on" zig said half heartedly. "Well enjoy your bread x." Zig said half asleep at this point. As zig laid down I was dragged with him. So we ended up in a spooning position. I could for once honestly say I was happy and at peace worse everything. I felt safe I really did. But I knew for a fact the warden would find out about this and I knew for a fact that she would not like this or even approve for a second. We'd have to be careful and keep our relationship, or whatever we were down low. "Zig" I murmured "mmh" was reply. "What are we now, I know we only kissed. But you're in my head day in day out and I can't begin to explain how I feel about you" I confessed. "Singe, I knew we'd click from the moment I first saw you. I couldn't take my eyes off you when you got off the bus. As I grew to know you, I found were so similar. You understand me and what I go through. I can honestly say you mean a lot to me and I want us to be more then friends maybe even boyfriend and girl friend if you're up to it?" He vented. "I want to say yes but what if we get caught" I asked with worry. "Yes I know I understand" he began to stroke my hands to comfort me. "It's gonna be difficult but when we get out of here we can make a life for our selfs" I turned round to face him. "You mean that zig" "of course I do" he leaned in and kissed me. It was the one that was full to brim of passion and that you didn't want to let go that is until we heard a cough. We both broke and looked over it was armpit. "Damn guy I'm not gonna be able to deal with out this gross kissy shit, keep it to a minimum yeah?" He said all grossed out. I laughed then turned to zig "imagine if that was mr sir ?!" I said, "I doubt we'd ever see each other again if it was" he kissed me on the head "Time for a nap?" He asked. I looked at him half asleep. "Time for a nap" we slept until we got woken by caveman for dinner. "Come on love birds time for dinner!!" He said half arsed. Me and zig scrambled out of bed and made our way to dinners. I grabbed my food and sat down. "So I heard about the chica singe and amigo zig having a a face locking session" said magnet. "Yeah I heard a little bit about that. Best keep it on the low down don't want no one to hear about this out side the tent. They find out you guys gonna be separated or forbid for seeing each other" ranted squid. We were all eating our dinner when zero made a point. "I think mr sir knows somethings up" he said quietly while looking behind me. I slightly turned my head and saw me sir was glaring in mine and zigs direction. No one had noticed or so I though that zig had his hand on my leg the entire time through dinner. I didn't think mr sir had noticed or I hoped. We all scrambled back to the tent I got changed and got into bed ready to sleep. Till pendanski came around lights out etc. After he left I felt a presence join me in bed. He snuggled into back and fell sleep. That night I had a really strange dream. A dream about me and zig. I dreamt that the warden had found out and forbid me from seeing zig ever again. Even out side of green lake. She made him out to be insane and got him put in hospital. I must have been fidgeting in my sleep because I felt zig hug me tighter till I calmed down and went back into a very deep sleep. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have him. Even if we both are paranoid to hell. I still don't think anyone knows about my bipolar I think I'll tell them about why sometimes I don't talk. When it takes ahold I can't talk because I don't know what I'll come out with and they don't know or they might not understand. "What the matter singe" I heard a whisper from zig. "I don't know how to tell them zig" tell them what. "About my bipolar" "they'll be fine I promise" I had told zig about it a few days before we got together before he knew about me liking him. I had to admit I was so very scare to be telling them. I didn't know how I'd or even them would react. It was my last thought before drifting to sleep.


Sorry so so sorry for the stupidly long update. I've had so much personal shit going on that I had to focus on and my spare time is taken up by college and work and omfg i feel so bad. But I'm getting back into the swing of things and I'm gonna be updating more frequently. It's not the best but I've got an Idea of where to go with this now. There's gonna be a massive plot twist soon.

Cheers Amanda

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