Day in day out

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Day in day out we dig holes it's all we do. It's all we are ever gonna do here. apparently it will turn us into good people, it builds character. I class that as bull shit. There's more then just digging holes here to make us good. I think theres more to this then meets the eye I think something that holds a great importance to someone. Possible the warden. In my time here so far I have met hermince and oh my was she scary I really hope I don't see her again. As far as I've been told she is not an incredibly nice person when you piss her off. I really hope that doesn't happ- "get back to digging." i heard as I was ripped from my thoughts while being yelled at by mr sir who was just filling the last of the canteens. Now since I had became good friends with x ray over the past 2 weeks I was pretty much next to him in line which felt pretty good, more due to the fact I was near zigzag as well. I still couldn't stop the feelings towards him, Its not like I wanted this to happen but it did anyway. I just- "hey singe, you see, off " asked caveman. I turned and looked at him, "why would I not be?" "you're being really quiet and spaced out" said squid rather concerningly. "her brain is probably over taken by the government, there gonna dig out the things in her brain she knows and use it against her." zig said. " zig man shut up, dont prang her out like that." snapped x ray."what? Its true I could happen to any of us, who know. Could be today tomorrow, next month next year." he said slightly aggy while trying to prove point. " guys can you all shut up. I'm fine nothing wrong with me I'm just thinking about things." I said light heartedly. "what about" zig asked. At this pont shitting a brick doesn't cover what I felt. " it doesn't matter just... Don't worry nothing important" I replied while I felt myself blushing. I hopped it wasn't noticable. "okay" he simply replied. In my head I think sighing wasn't enough.

It finally got to finshing my hole. I hopped out my hole and towards the library. I put my shovel back and headed to the tent for the things I needed for a shower. While I was getting these things together I felt a presence in the tent I looked up it was X-ray. "right. Singe me and you are having a chat right now. What is up?" "seriously x I'm fine." "someone doesn't just say they're fine when they have been quiet all day spill" "alright fine....i like like someone in this tent and I can't stop my self from thinking about them and I'm getting really distracted" "zigzag?" "how the fuck do you know" "well considering you blushed when you got chatted to, the way you look at him, the way you talk to him. It's really obvious to everyone. But zigzag being zig doesn't believe it" he exclaimed. "what don't I believe?" I froze I don't know why but I just froze. "it doesn't matter zig" x said " well I think it does considering you mentioned my name" he said started to look a little pissed. With that I just got my things and left the tent I did not want to be there if something kicked off. I knew how violent zigzag can be, like the time he tried to kill caveman for getting help with his hole. It was quite stupid but he gets wound up over simple things. I stripped and slipped into the shower, I quickly washed up and got dressed. Because my hair was still wet I put Into a french braid.I headed to the cafeteria where I got my so called 'food' and sat down with the rest of D tent. There'd wasnt much conversing going on until x spoke up about how we where all being quiet. I just finished my dinner and headed to the tent. The tent just looked at me as I walked out. While I was approaching I heard other foot steps. I looked behind me it was zigzag. My heart sped up. I knew these feelings where not going to leave. "leave me alone I'm not talking." I said while turning away. "singe what is up. You are acting so weird. Has the government got your?" "look I'm thinking about things that are never going to happen. Okay I'm getting worked up over it so leave it. " I snapped. "what is getting you worked up and what's not gonna happen?"he asked really puzzled. I whispered hoping he did hear "you" I walked off to wards the tent. "singe have I really been that blind?" he asked. " you heard?" I said worryingly. "yeah" " it doesn't matter zig" I walked off ignoring his protests. I then went onto my make shift bed and started getting ready bed since I was fairly tired. I spaced out thinking out things until I felt someone hugging me. I looked to my left it was zigzag just hugging me. "hugs make everyone better" he said i hugged him back which felt amazing. We sat on my bed chatting until I fell asleep on him, he had to wake me up because he was going to sleep. I apologised while falling back to sleep.


Sorry it's shorter then usual but like that's the story so far, do not worry. It will get more interesting ^^ I've alreaded started the next chaper. But I'm afraid i will not be uploading until I get some form of feed back. I have no idea how I'm doing or if you like it or not. Not a lot just something to show how it's going.



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