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The next morning I woke to the sound of a horn. One that woke up me up straight away. I turned my head to the right, and all I saw out the ajar tent door was darkness. I groaned as I heaved my self out of the makeshift bed. "why is it so early" I said to my self. "because it takes nearly a whole day to dig one of these holes" replied caveman. "well that's because you're a slow digger caveman" i sarcastically replied. I really was not a morning person. I make myself look presentable and emerged out of the tent with the others. I walked with the others half asleep to the library. I grabbed the first shovel that came to my grasp, apparently that was X-rays. "hey Heidi thats my shovel" "is it? I don't believe I see your name on it." I said slightly aggravated. We continued to look at each other before a brief moment before we traded shovel, and then laughed. Everyone looked most confused. It was more the fact that over the past few days me and X-ray had became quite good friends. But that still didn't distract me from zigzag. I was like one of those girls in secondary school that keeps taking a peep at the guy they have a crush on. That was exactly what I was doing I couldn't even bring my self to talk to him.

So with the rest of the guys we grab something to eat get our canteen filled then we walked to where we are going to dig holes. I strike up a conversation with x ray. "yo x ray. Talk to me I'm really bored over here. " I asked. "what about me I can have a brilliant conversation" whined armpit. "talk to me then armpi. I want to hear shit that keeps me entertained while I dig" " well.." "Ahhhhh armpit man come on. Well let me tell you something plans feel pain."I said feint intelligent. I heard a snort "they do not." laughed squid. "yes they do I learnt that" I said. "they really don't plant lover" " you wanna go. I'm not afraid to fight you spy. " as soon as I said that my hand was clamped over my mouth. All I kept muttering to my self was I'm gonna be captured for sure now, they've found out I know. "err hedi. Are you alright ?" asked x ray. "yeah yeah I'm fine." I knew my paranoia had kicked in. "guy she's got acute paranoia. The one I suffer from. I'll talk to her I know what to say" zigzag said. even though I was paranoid to shit I still had a tinge of. FUCKYESZIGZAGISTALKINGTOME. He walked over to my hole. Then crouched down beside me. He the looked me dead in the eye and said. " look I know you think everyone is a spy. They're not the others work for people outside of the government keep your wits about you dont know when they could strike. Stick with me and this group and they will not get you." he then proceeded to get up and continue digging. I must have put a whole new meaing to the shade of red. But from then i didn't speak that much while finishing my hole. I just finished and headed back to camp. While putting my shovel back into the library, I though I saw some kind of camera in there. While I was half way through getting all the shovels back In there, a certain tall blonde guy named zigzag had to spot me doing this. "though you saw a camera too?" he asked while starting to help out away shovels. "yeah, why do you know so much and think the same way as me?" I questioned. "you have acute paranoia, as do I it's not the best in the world considering you think everyone has something against you, or works for the government and or is placing cameras or microphones, they just want to know everything don't let them Heidi." "I'm not I'm trying my hardest, but they're everywhere there's no escaping the goverment or the spy's" I stated while walking off back to the tent to get into relaxation clothes.

Later on I walked into whe everyone else was. I think it was called the wrek room. anyway I sat down in the sofa and watched a fuzzy tv channel. I didn't know what it was since I never really watched tv anyway, as i was about to change the channel zigzag sat down next to me, he also somehow convinced me to not change the channel as it was about the news. He started saying about how the worlds acctaually plotting something against the rest of us, against the people in camps like this. He the. Started saying bout how there may be cameras in the tv watching us right now. After he had said that, his eyes held pure fear as if that too much was spoken and may be hunted down because of it. "zig, look if there where cameras in the tv they would have found us and captured us. They haven't yet, we're safe until that day comes. But when it does and they're trying to get all the info they can out of us. We fight, we will fight to our deaths to Procter the information we know. Don't let them take it don't let them win. We will find those plotting against us. You never know they may be in this current room. And if we find no they are get the information out of them" I vented. "they put cameras everywhere. You don't even know. There may be one in the very food we eat, maybe in the tv, maybe in the shovels we dig with. You don't know. You don't know where they could be. But we will, we will fight to our deaths to protect." he vented back. We then stared for a bit more, nodded then headed separate ways. I met up with the rest of the group at dinner were we discussed all kinds of things, from armpits, to cars, to drugs and politics. But I guess the good thing out of dinner was they where thinking of nicknames for me. It wasn't till X-ray came up with singe. I wasn't one to question my given nickname by X-ray whos the leader pretty much. But I could understand why, I loved fire and fire singes things. So I guess the day I had was pretty excellent, I had a chat with the guy I was crushing on and I have officially been accepted into the group.

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