Something more then friends or something less

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I woke up thinking...was last night a dream. Did zig really hug me? Does he know I like like him ? I realized how early it was because no lights where on. I decide I couldn't go back to sleep. So I stayed up and wondered about things, that was getting boring so I got up out of bed. It wasn't till I heard. 'singe..what are you doing?' zigzag whispered to me. 'I can't get back to sleep.' I whispered back. He made a motion as to say, come here. I slowly made it over trying not to wake anyone. When I got there the first thing he did was drag me into his bed, 'you should be able to sleep now' he whispered while I snuggled into him. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep until I heard the horn go off. 'told you, you'd have a good sleep.' he said while getting out the bed. I was still coming back to reality as in the fact me I had managed to get somewhere with someone. I think?! This was a whole new level for me I had boyfriends in the past but nothing compared  them to the way I felt when I was with zig. I hulled my self out of bed and got my self ready for another days worth of digging in the seemingly endless desert aka camp green lake. I dragged my self to the library grab a shovel and started to dig. After so long it becomes a second nature to you, your hands heal, ignore the aching deal with the heat and get your hole dug. That's my method of doing it. I go to the library and grab my shovel and go to dig my hole as usual zig starts digging next to me and every so often he'd glance at me. I was getting the signs he liked me back but I just didn't know, I couldn't be sure. It didn't help with the fact I had paranoia which made me think things that wouldn't even happen. I had to sort things out with zig, I needed to know how he felt. I need to move on with things I couldn't sit around waiting forever. Well I could but it wouldn't be healthy. So I dug my hole out until I had finished. I tried to get my hole but for some reason I couldn't quite make it I kept trying until I noticed just how weak I was. I was dehydrated, and out of water. I didn't want to call for help because I know i would never live it down. I kept trying until a certain blonde haired guy stuck his hand down and helped me up. "thanks zig. I owe you one" i said shyly. "No problem singe, here have some water you look like you need it" he said handing me his water. I greedily took it and downed at least half of it. "Now singe this is why we pace our self's through out the day" he said cheekily. I just shook my head "hey zig on a more serious note, could we, um go for a talk at some point?" "what about?" he said with a tone of great seriousness. "us" i said quickly feeling the heat rush to my cheeks. "Meet me in the tent okay?" "okay" i replied. He jumped back into his hole and continued digging. I put my shovel back and headed into the tent and waited. I started to get bored so I laid on my bunk and it wasn't long before I was being shook awake. "didn't know you got that bored waiting?" zig said. "no I was just tired, now seriously zig I'm just going to be blunt about this. You won't leave my head, everything I do reminds me of you in one way or another, the way you smile, the way you look or talk to me it just make me melt on the inside. Seriously as stupid as this sounds I've fallen for you and I hate you for it but I wouldn't have it any other way" I said speaking my mind with a face like a tomato. He looked at for a second before saying "Singe when I first looked at you I knew I would fall for you one way or another, every second I looked at you made me so happy inside. Every time I saw you in pain I wanted to hurt what put you like that. Every time I wanted to talk to you but couldn't i regret because you are an amazing person who I've fallen so hard for I think I've broken the floor. You don't realize how many times I've had to restrain my self from just hugging you or grabbing your face and just kissing you. I can hide my feelings anymore singe." He said with words full of emotion. I didn't even realize but I had grabbed his face and just pulled him into a kiss that was so full of emotion so full of passion, I never wanted It to end. It had to be cut short because I needed to catch my breath. He looked at me placing a single hand on my cheek then saying. "Singe, I don't want us to be friends anymore, I can't handle us being just friends anymore. Please can we work on something like dating ?" I looked at him and i couldn't help but smile, smile to the point i thought my jaw was going to fall off, I then replied in the calmest tone. "yes zig, I would like that I would for us to work on something more then friends and maybe even the dating part. If you though I'd even deny that you are clearly mistaken."


sorry I haven't updated in so so so so so long. I have been so busy with college work which no longer matters, my driving, audition prep for next college and just my life's been so mad recently I shall try my best to update as much as I can. I have also started a Gary smithxOC fanfiction for those who are intrested. It Gary smith as in the one from the game bully.

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