Saturday was here before I knew it.

                Karen had been over at my house the entire day.

                She ended up spending the night on Friday, insisting that she prep me for our double date. It was as if she thought I’d never been on a date before. I made an attempt to explain to her that I knew what to do, but she ignored me.

                After a few hours, I gave up.

                Karen and I ended up on my living room couch, watching old horror movies off on Demand. We went through two bags of popcorn, both of us feeling stuff by the end of it.

                The quality of the movies ruined all fear it hoped to inflict on us. The poor acting only resulted in our laughter, as did the horrible special effects. It was a nice reminder at how far our technology had advanced since the 1980’s.

                We fell asleep on the couches uncomfortably.

                Before I fell asleep, a thought crossed my mind.

                Would Superman show up in my room, or would he sense that Karen was here? Would he have shown up if she hadn’t been here to begin with?

                I was asleep before I had a chance to process the thoughts further.


                It was now four o’clock in the afternoon.

                Karen had left around one or two for her house in order to prep and confirm all her plans with her boyfriend. She told me to dress simply, but flirtatiously.

                The plan was to go to dinner at Olive Garden, and then see a movie.

                I could predicate what movie we would be watching. It had to be something scary. Karen wanted to cuddle with her boyfriend, and I had a feeling she had high hopes that I would end up in Jake’s arms.

                I wouldn’t be complaining if I did.

                Jake was the kind of boy only heard about in movies. He was the good guy, the cute boy everyone loved. He had both bronze and brains. He was easy going and incredibly social. He was the picture-perfect boy.

                If anyone didn’t like him, it was because that person was jealous. There was absolutely nothing not to like about Jake.

                I had had a small crush on him since the second grade. Of course, it had faded when we shared no classes in middle school and freshmen year, but it was forming once again now that we had Physics together.

                I could only hope that he had actually asked Karen for me and that she wasn’t just saying that. My heart plummeted at that thought.

                At around four-thirty, I got a phone call.

                I didn’t recognize the number.

                “Hello?” I asked into the phone as I went through my closet, trying to find a shirt that matched with the plaid skirt I intended to wear.


                I knew the voice all too well.

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