*Please Read The Note At The End.*

“Avery?” Karen waved her hand in front of my face dramatically. “Earth to Avery? Anybody in there?”

                I blinked, my eyes focusing on the blonde before me.

                “You alright?” She asked, frowning slightly.

                I nodded, running a hand through my hair, “Yeah, I guess I’m just really tired. Sorry about that, Karen.”

                “Up late?”

                I scowled, nodding.

                I hadn’t gotten to bed until roughly three in the morning. The trip back to my house seemed quicker than the one there. I wasn’t sure if he had taken a different route, or if it was just my imagination. I snuck in through the back door.

                He didn’t stay to chat.

                “Do you want to go grab some coffee before school starts?” She asked.

                I shook my head, yawning.

                Only a short drive away from the school was a small coffee shop that Karen and I had gone to all of last year. School started at eight, providing us plenty of time in the morning to grab something. Toward the end of the year, Karen began to get paranoid that the caffeine was going to stunt her growth, despite the fact that she was already short as it was. Nonetheless, that ended our morning coffee runs.

                Every now and then, we still grabbed a cup.

                She shrugged, walking into the school. Her tone turned sour when she spoke next, “Do you know what I heard that Lisa did last Saturday night?”

                “Lisa…?” I trailed, waiting for specification as to which Lisa.

                “Our Lisa.”

                “Oh, what happened?”

                “I heard she had sex with Anthony Miller.”

                I raised an eyebrow. I was a sucker for dirty gossip. “Again? What happened to her ‘giving up one night stands’?”

                “It went to the same place as her ‘no more dating James Patrick’.” Karen rolled her eyes angrily. She was not particularly fond of Anthony Miller. All through-out middle school, he had been a boy who teased her because of her braces.

                She had refused to speak to him ever since.

                “She needs to get herself straightened out.” I sighed.

                “We need to have a serious talk with her at lunch about this.” Karen muttered, “Of all people, she has to screw Miller?”

                “You know Lisa’s always had a little crush on him…”

                “That’s not the point! The point is she’s acting like a whore! Pretty soon, it’s not going to be acting anymore!”

                I nodded, agreeing with her. There was only so much flirting someone could do before they were labeled as a slut.

                Karen huffed angrily, “I just hate what she’s turning into.”

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