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5 years later

Finley's POV

"Can I not, for once in this lifetime, enter through this door and not see you guys swapping spit like the horn dogs you are?"

I broke away from the mind blowing make-out session I was having with my husband to see an annoyed Walter standing in the middle of our living room with his arms crossed over his chest. Isabella just shook her head and with a small smile on her face, slowly walked over to the couch next to us. Stephen instantly but gently put me down from his lap on the couch that we had currently occupied and rushed over to help Isabella settle down properly.

"You know, there a little switch thing-y beside the door that is called a doorbell. And if you are so blind to see that, then you have a system where you curl your fist and tap the door with your knuckles, also called as knocking. Ever tried that?" Stephen said after settling Isabella carefully on the couch beside me. He then turned around and stood in front of Walter with his hands on his hips and glaring at him. I looked at Isabella with a smirk which she returned and we both simultaneously turned our heads to see Stephen and Walter in a staring match. It must have lasted for 10 seconds or so when both of them cracked a mischievous smile which slowly turned into a full blown belly clutching laughter.

"Oh god damn. I can't breathe." Walter said while bending down and taking deep breaths. Stephen was no better. He was literally sitting on the ground trying to control himself.

After they calmed down, Stephen got up and hugged his best friend tightly.

"I missed you buddy." I heard Stephen muffled voice. In return, I saw Walter holding him tighter.

Stephen had gone on a 6 month long tour for the promotion of his upcoming album and also because the tours were a part of his contract with the music label. Whereas Walter had to transfer all the way to UK to set up a branch of his business for a year. He had returned a couple of weeks ago and the first stop that he had made was our home. He did not get to meet Stephen since he was still on the last leg of the tour so he came today, the day after Stephen returned.

It was so nice to see the two of them so carefree even after so many years. The child in them had never faded, instead it felt like the bickering had increased.

As for me, I had cried when I saw Walter and family standing at my doorstep after 1 whole year. Granted we talked on Skype and sometimes called each other, but seeing them in flesh is a different story all together. I was utterly gutted when I got to know that Walter would be going to a different continent altogether for a year. Because Walter and Isabella were my family after Stephen.

I turned to Isabella to see her rubbing circles on her belly. She was pregnant with another child and everyone was excited about the second edition to the family. Speaking of which...

"Where is the first born of this household?" I voiced my thoughts loudly.

"Hey Pa. I was just waiting for their reunion to finish."

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