Chapter 2

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I have never been a person to crib about going to school. But today, I was rather super excited to reach school as early as possible. You ask me why? The answer lies in three simple words-Walter and Stephen. I know that it's just been one day that I met them, but they were the first people who I became friends with. Yesterday we hung out after school at the mall near our school and I enjoyed every moment with them. They were funny, cheerful, dorks, caring, responsible and wonderful people. I felt as if I have known them for years and that's what made me like them even more.

So, currently, I was speed walking to reach school and meet my friends. I was so lost in my thoughts about yesterday that I did not notice two figures joining me.

"Are you taking part in athletics or something?"

I squealed. Seriously, SQUEALED LIKE A FREAKING GIRL. I put a hand over my chest and took deep breathes.

"Are you sure you two are not secretly planning to kill me?"

"Don't worry bud, we will surely tell you before we kill you. We do not keep any secrets between us." Stephen answered in all seriousness.

I looked at them and questioned the existence of their brain. I shook my head and mumbled "weirdos" under my breath. I had not moved even two steps when I was in a headlock.

"How are you my dearest new student slash math lover slash kiddo slash...I can't seem to think of any other name." Walter said and ruffled my hair.

"Hey, I said I am not a kid and do not ruin my hair. As it is I cannot tame them today, they are all over the place." I said while getting out of the headlock and trying to look presentable by brushing my fingers through my hair.

"Well, if you want my opinion, you look rather hot in that hairstyle," Stephen said and shrugged.

My hands stopped where they were and I stared at him. Walter also seemed to be surprised at this. If it would have been someone else, I would have brushed it off but this was Stephen we are talking about. A handsome guy, GAY guy, who has girls falling at his feet and star basketball captain, saying that I look hot today. Has he forgotten that I am gay as well and saying such things can be dangerous to my health?

And before you all start questioning my thoughts, let me tell you, I seem to have a crush on Stephen. I mean, I know it's just one day and we just hung out for two hours after school, but if you looked at how handsome and good looking he is and mix in his wonderful personality and nature, you will surely understand. Who made me realize this? My mom. Which is a different story all together of how we started talking on this topic.

So coming back to the present, I was still standing there with my hand in my hair and staring at him. I think if Walter had not nudged me I would be standing there the whole day. I lowered my hand and cleared my throat.

"Ahem, thanks for the compliment Stephen but I don't think I am that good looking." I smiled at the end.

"Look who is being modest. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Like really looked? How can you say that you are not good looking? The one reason the other guys feel jealous of you is that the majority of the girls are gushing about your beauty and ignoring them." Walter rolled his eyes.

"So that means even you are jealous that I have taken all the attention away from you guys?" I started walking and smirked.

"Hell no. We are actually quite relieved that for once the attention is not on us and that there are no girls after every two steps giggling and flirting with us." Walter said and let out a breath to prove the point that he was relieved.

"They flirt with me as well, even when the whole school knows that I am strictly gay." Stephen shook his head and sighed.

"But, now that you have joined us, we may start getting even more attention, seeing that we are the 3 hottest guys right now." Stephen let out a small laugh.

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