Chapter 11

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These two idiots are being very creepy for the past one week. Ever since that day when Walter declared that I am going on a date, and Stephen running away from the cafeteria, they both have been very sneaky and secretive. And it's bugging me to no end. What is so special that they cannot share it with me? I have also noticed that there is not a single student left in school with whom these two haven't had an interaction. It's not that these two knuckle-heads are involved with the prom committee or something.

Oh did I tell you that prom was in 2 weeks?


Silly me. Let's blame it on Stephen. He has been on my mind so much that I haven't had time to even think about it.

For starters, my mom seems to be very excited. More than me. She has been going to the malls everyday in searchof a suit as if it were my wedding day. But I do not want to rob her of that excitement. At least her mind is distracted for now or else all I would hear is 'Stephen this, Stephen that, how is Stephen, oh Stephen is such a gentleman, Stephen is the perfect guy for you, you should hang out with Stephen some more'.

Urgh. I cannot handle so much of Stephen in my life.

Just kidding.

I enjoy every moment of being with him, listening to his name seeing his smile, hearing his laugh..........God, I sound like a girl.

I will again blame Stephen for it.

Even right now, I cannot help but just stare at him. I am sitting on the football field, on the grass, and Stephen is standing with Walter and some of his other friends. He is speaking to them and making weird gestures with his hands. I am sitting at a distance so I cannot hear what he is saying.

But that's not important.

He looks so damn hot right now. Everytime he moves his hands, his muscles flexes giving me Goosebumps and his lips are so inviting at the moment. He is also giving out that authoritative vibe by the way he is standing. He is turning me on in every way possible.

Aaaaaaand I think I may start having a problem down there if I do not stop eye raping him soon.

"So lover boy, has someone asked you for prom?"

I turned my head to see Walter leaning back on his hands and soaking the sunrays. I don't understand why isn't he in a relationship by now? He is fucking hot, caring, intelligent, funny and adorable. He is everything that a person wants in a lover.

"Did you get asked?" I questioned him back.

"I have lost count on the amount of times I have been asked."

"Have you said yes to any one of them?"

"Nah. They all are highly dumb for me. I don't want to take a girl just for the sake of it. I want it to come from my heart."

This guy is too good.

"So, coming back to my question, did someone ask you?"

"Strangely enough, yes. Two girls and three guys. I don't understand why did the girls ask me? It's not that by now they don't know my sexuality."

"Chill dude. Forget about it. I know for a fact that you are waiting for him to ask you."

All I could do is heave a sigh and shake my head.

"He doesn't even know what I would do for him to ask me for prom. Nowadays he doesn't even seem to care that I am going on a date. It seems as if he is not at all bothered."

"Don't worry Fin, he'll surely come around. But right now lets go to Dominos, I am craving for a pizza." He said and got up. I guess that's what is best for me.  Atleast I will be distracted.

"Just go ahead and wait beside my car. I'll inform him and be with you in a minute."

I nodded and went towards the parking lot.

Walter's POV

"Dude, you have one hour. One and a half hour tops." I told Stephen.

He nodded and turned back towards the guy he was talking to. I have never seen him so passionate about something other than basketball. He has been going around the school and asking every single person for their help.

Help regarding his proposal to Finley.

Not a marriage proposal, obviously.

And trust me, it is going to be huge. And he plans on doing the first part of it tomorrow, after school gets over.

I don't know about Stephen or the others but I am fucking excited. So excited that I may start jumping around. I just can't wait to see Finley's reaction.

I know it's going to be priceless.


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