Chapter 3

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It's been a week since I joined the school and things have been going good so far. It's also been a week of my friendship with Walter and Stephen or I should say Wally and Bunny. Although, when I call Stephen bunny, he groans but he has never told me to stop calling him that, which I find a bit weird because he is always fighting with Walter to not call him by that nickname. And in this one week, I also got comfortable with the looks that the girls gave me, although I also heard people talk about my sexuality, which I was not bothered about.

Yesterday I came to know that the game season was starting, which meant that now Stephen would be practicing a whole lot more, even Walter for that matter. I had also gone to some of Walter's practices as well, and it is safe to say that he is the best player and captain out there. Everybody just loves him. And going to each of their practice session had become my routine. One day I used to go to Stephen's practice and then the next day to Walter's and when either of them was not having any practice, we would go together to watch the others practice. You get what I mean? I hope so.

So, as I was saying, the game season was about to start and every player seemed to be excited about it. Even the cheerleaders were practicing really hard. We were walking down the halls, discussing what we would be doing later that day.

"Oh I forgot to tell you but I can't come to your practice today Stephen. I gotta help my mum for a sort of housewarming party." I said.

"Sort of housewarming party? What kind of party is that?" Walter made a very weird face.

"I mean that since we are new to the place, she has invited the neighbors to come over so we could properly introduce ourselves to everyone. Which reminds me, I also have to invite you guys as well."

"Thanks for the invite Finley, but I can't. I have a late practice since my first game is tomorrow." Stephen said with an apologetic smile.

"But I'll come. I can't miss the opportunity of going to a party, whatever kind it may be." Walter gave a hard pat on my back and I hissed.

"You better watch those hands of yours, they are hard as a rock," I said while rubbing the spot where he hit.

"Hey Finley, will come to see the game tomorrow?"

"You didn't have to ask. I had already made up my mind to come in all your games and be your personal cheerleader. And before you say anything Walter, I am coming to all your games as well." I said the moment I saw Walter opening his mouth.

And it was the truth. I had already made plans beforehand and even my parents were accompanying me in some of them. My mom was dying to meet Stephen or whom she called the "the apple of my eye." I mean seriously? I know I have a major crush on him, but that was uncalled for. Anyways, I could not miss Stephen's game for anything in the world because firstly, I had started to enjoy the game a bit and secondly, he looked so hot in that black and red basketball uniform. I still cannot concentrate on the other players. Not that Walter looks any less hot. I know he is a straight guy, but hey, till the time he doesn't notice me staring at him, I'll keep on doing that.

(A/N: So I am skipping the whole school day and starting from the evening when the party is about to start)

"Finley Reynolds, how long will you take to get ready?"

I heard my mom screaming for the 10th time now. I don't know why she was freaking out. All the things had been set, the welcome drinks were ready, the appetizers had been laid out, the main course was ready to be dished out and the deserts were in the refrigerator. We had even hired some waiters to do the servicing so that we all could acquaint ourselves with the guests. And it had not even been 20 minutes that I had gone in my room to change. Just then, I heard my doorknob click and I turned to see my dad peeking in with a smirk.

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